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June 4, 2019

How to Deal with Wishy-Washy Bridesmaids

In a perfect world all of your bridesmaids would be just as excited about the big day as you are. But, we also know this isn’t always the case. There is always that one that just is not excited or she is wishy washy about the whole thing. Deciding what to do about this can be a rather challenging task. In order to combat those challenges we have compiled a few tips on how to deal with these tricky bridesmaids situations. Knowing how to handle this situation will make your big day even more of a dream!

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Make a Decision Quickly

Although you want all of the ladies you ask to be apart of your day to say yes, and be excited to be there, that is not always true. If you notice one of your girls is starting to act strange, or make up excuses, you must evaluate the situation. Ask yourself: “does she really want to be in my wedding and is she excited about it?” It can be hard to make a decision like this. However, if she acts like she is not excited, chances are she does not really want to be in the wedding anyway. As a bride you have a lot of other things going on and this small detail should not cause you to stress. Making this decision quickly can eliminate future stress too close to the wedding day.

Have a Conversation

Let’s be honest, confrontation is not always the easiest thing for everyone. However, if you are unsure if a bridesmaid wants to be a part of your wedding, you must be direct. In order to know how anyone is feeling, you have to have a conversation with them. Let them tell you all of their feelings. First listen to them, then respond. Depending on the situation, you can help them feel more comfortable, or you can let let them decide if being in your wedding is the right fit for them. For example you can say, “I wanted to talk to you for a minute because I noticed something was off and I wanted to find out where you’re at so we can both really enjoy this fun day.” Although this may be awkward, it will make a world of difference for you both to be on the same page.

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Come Up with a Solution for Your Bridesmaids

The end result of being direct and making a decision, should be a solution. Once you have passed the “awkward” stage of discussing the problem, come up with a solution. This must be specifically for the bridesmaid you are working with. Come up with the best solution for her, and it may not always be the same. It could be finding ways to make her feel comfortable and included. Maybe she just needs to step down from the bridal party altogether. No matter what the solution is, it is important to decide what is best for your friend specifically. Allow choice and discussion within the situation so you both feel equally included.

Above all else, do not let this affect your friendship. There are many reasons why people may not feel comfortable being in a wedding. So, figure out why, have a conversation with your bridesmaids, and create the best solution for you two. Your wedding day is supposed to be a fun, stress free day to remember for the rest of your lives. So make sure to keep it that way and enjoy being a bride!

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