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September 25, 2018

When To Ask Friends To Be A Bridesmaid

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Now that you’re engaged, comes months of planning how to make your wedding day perfect as a couple. And a part of your planning is deciding who you want to stand by your side in support of your new marriage! We’ve got a few tips for you to make picking your bridesmaids a seamless process!

When To Ask?

Asking your friends and family to be apart of your bridesmaids crew is so exciting! You get to share with them how much they mean to you, and why its so important for you to involve them directly in such an important day. It can really become a bonding experience because you (hopefully) will only have this opportunity once! So when should you fill your girls in on the good news?

Depending on who you ask, there are a variety of responses you can get. We suggest asking your besties around the 8-10 month mark before the wedding date. This gives your people time to save money for dresses and parties, or clearing their schedules. If you ask any later, you run the risk of having issues ordering dresses in time, or just running short of time for activities in general.


Things To Avoid

When you go about asking your friends to be in your wedding there are a couple things to keep in mind. Firstly, don’t ask any of your gal pals too soon. If you plan on having a long engagement, don’t ask everyone 2 years out. So much can change within a a few months, let alone a year! People move, lose touch, or you may even gain a new friend! Once you invite someone to be a bridesmaid and something changes, its going to be one awkward conversation if you change your mind. Stick to our rule to avoid putting yourself in a uncomfortable position!

Another tip to keep in mind: not everyone needs to be a bridesmaid. If you’ve had the pleasure of having a large group of close friends, it may be hard to choose without hurting anyones feelings. But there are other roles in a ceremony that are just as important! They could do a reading, or be an usher, or even ordain the marriage!

Lastly, remember this is your wedding. Don’t choose anyone to be a bridesmaid just because they chose you to be in their wedding. This is a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and those you choose will always be remembered in your wedding photos. Chose wisely, not widely.

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