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February 15, 2018

13 Things To Ask your Venue Before You Book!

wedding venue

Booking a venue is usually the first big decision you have to make for your wedding. Most times it can be the most expensive purchase for the wedding too! So it’s really important that you take your time and do this step right! Being inquisitive during this step is key to making sure you get your moneys worth, and will ultimately be happy with your choice!

In order to help you with this process I have gathered a list of questions to ask the venue coordinator and why they are important. Depending on your wedding and needs, all of the questions may not coincide. But in hopes of avoiding a wedding day disaster, we hope you read through them!

1. What is the availability around our wedding date?

This is the most obvious of the bunch, but still necessary! Of course you don’t want to fall in love with a venue that doesn’t have availability anywhere near your preferred wedding day! If you and your fiancé are okay with changing your date my recommendation would be to extend it out versus pushing it up. There’s no harm in having more time to make everything perfect!

2. Do you offer any packages? If so, what is included?

Do yourself a favor and find out if your venue offers packages! Depending on the venue, they can come as a real value! Many times venues have tables, chairs, or caterers that can come at a much better value than bringing in third party suppliers. Get a list of everything that is included if this is an option at your venue so there is no confusion on what is provided for you. As a follow up question, ask if you can mix and match packages!

3. What is capacity?

Again this is kind of self explanatory, but something you need to know! You’ll need to know how many people you can fit in the establishment, to know if it will fit your needs. Take into account the staff as well. Make sure you know how many people are generally on staff for an event such as yours.

4. Vendor List 

Find out if the vendor only allows certain vendors on the property. If you’ve been set on having your favorite restaurant cater dinner, or your cousin as your DJ, this may be a deal breaker for you.

5. Payment Terms

What are all the terms of payment? You need to know how much a deposit is, when final payment is due, if there is a minimum spend amount. Inquire if there is a venue hire fee, or any other fees you may incur. The more you know, the less of a shock it’ll be when you see that final sticker price!

6. Cancellation Policy

God forbid something happens that you would need to cancel, its usually best to know your options if that day comes. With that being said, not all cancellations are bad! You may find an even better venue after you have a spot saved for another location. I bet you’ll be happy you know what the cancellation policy is!

7. What insurance do you have?

The main type of insurance you’ll want to know if the venue has is public liability insurance. Like car insurance, you don’t want to be liable is one of your guests gets too rowdy and breaks a chandelier. Its always good to confirm that you will not be held responsible it anything goes wrong!

8. Is there a bridal suite included in your purchase?

Getting ready for the wedding is always easier when its done on site. You wont have to worry about messing up for hair or dress trying to get in and out of your transportation. You wont have to worry about traffic, and showing up late to your own wedding. So having a bridal suite is, some would say, essential!

9. Do you provide accommodations?

While you’re on the topic of bridal suites, follow it up with their accommodation questions. Discuss if they have the ability to block out rooms for your guests too! Depending on the venue, this may not be an option, but they may have discounts with local hotels, if they don’t offer lodging themselves!

10. Do you have a wedding coordinator?

Knowing who you will be working with the day of is crucial information. There will be so much going on, most people need at least one person running the show that isn’t already apart of the wedding party! Ask who will be your main point of contact on your wedding day so you know who to check in with to see how everything is going.

11.Set up and take down

Decor is a huge part of setting the scene for your wedding, but knowing how and when you can do this are little details you must know. You’ll want to ask if you are able to come in early to start decorating, and how late you can stay to take everything down. Are you allowed to hang anything on the walls of ceiling? Will you have assistance in taking everything down? When do you have to be out of the venue that night? All very important pieces of info to have!

12. Is there a noise curfew?

Noise and music restrictions could be a concern for smaller venues that offer accommodations to others outside of your people. If its important to you to have freedom to play music all hours into the night, you should absolutely remember to ask about your options!

13. Any other restrictions?

Each venue has its own set of rules and guidelines so its always better to ask upfront than ask for forgiveness later! Some venues don’t allow fireworks or glitter, while others don’t want animals on the property. Be respectful of the grounds, and their keepers! Knowing their boundaries upfront will keep you from having to change something last minute.


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