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Wedding Spotlight

January 30, 2018

Wedding Spotlight: Sarah & Tyler

bride and groom dancing

Bride’s Names, Age, Job and where she lives:

Sarah Gregg
Age: 27
Living in Houston, TX but originally from San Antonio, TX
I plan political and non-profit fundraisers and gala

Groom’s Name, Age, Job and where he lives:

Taylor Lauer
Age: 27
Living in Houston, TX but originally from Corpus Christi, TX
Financial Analyst at NEXT Financial

How you two met:

We met during our sophomore year at Baylor University through mutual friends.

wedding first look

bride walking down the aisle

What was your first impression of each other?:

T: When I saw Sarah, she stood out of the entire room. But it wasn’t until I managed
to talk to her that I realized her wit and humor that kept me on my toes from the
start. My first impression of her was one of instant attraction and I knew that this
was someone that I needed in my life.

S: Taylor has never met a stranger. We are total opposites in that way. I left this out
of my response earlier but technically we met at a party that his fraternity was
having. I didn’t really know very many people there, other than my roommate who
was friends with most of the guys. I just remember him being so friendly with
everyone, and it seemed like people just wanted to be around him. He instantly
made me feel welcome and like I was supposed to be there all along.

When did each of you know you were in love?:

T: From the very start Sarah was my biggest supporter. Whether it was school,
family, career aspirations, Sarah always believed that I could do anything. It was in
this moment that I knew I loved her and would return that support in any way that I
S: As cheesy as it is, I kind of always knew. I think we had only been dating a few
months and I can clearly remember standing with my friend, and future bridesmaid,
in her kitchen telling her that Taylor and I were going to get married. I just knew.

How did the proposal happen?:

It was very unplanned and untraditional. My dog (but really, he was ours. I got him
when we were in college) passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly. I’m sure
losing a pet is devastating for everyone, but it was really, really horrible. I work from
home, and at the time, was living in a city far from most of our friends so all I really
had were our dogs.
Taylor was trying to find things to cheer me up, and nothing was really working, so
he proposed. He already had the ring and was just waiting for the right time. I know
that sounds weird, but I think he would do anything just to make me feel better for
two seconds. In that sense, it was perfect. It was just what I needed and was kind of
like a light at the end of the tunnel sort of thing.

wedding ceremony

wedding party

wedding kiss

Style of the wedding:

I would say non-traditional but still formal with a little whimsy. We still had a plated
dinner with assigned seating, so in that sense it was formal. I always knew that I
wasn’t going to wear a white dress, or a veil, and we completely skipped the creepy
garter toss, so in that sense it wasn’t exactly traditional. I think the hotel was really
the perfect representation of our styles.
We really just wanted to have a huge party, and I think that we did.
Colors: Navy and wine, with a little gold and greenery.
Theme: I love florals, and anything midcentury modern. So, it was a little like fairy
garden meets bohemian.

Anything unique happen or with decor?:

I think we had most of standard items.
We did splurge on the flowers, because that was something that was really
important to me. We reused all of the bridesmaid bouquets, and mine, on the head
table, and reused the florals from the church on the guestbook table and the escort
I also really loved our vintage-y lace linens. I thought they were really different and
fit what we were looking for.

wedding rings

custom wedding menu

wedding tablescape

If you had to pick a favorite moment of the day what would it be?:

S: I know the ceremony is really what weddings were all about, and I did enjoy mine,
but honestly the dance floor was the best (and I hate dancing). It was so nice to have
everyone together, all in once place, having the best time.

T: The ceremony was fantastic. It was exactly what I had hoped it was. Filled with
dancing, friends and family that all seemed to have a great time. However, my
favorite moment was the first look when Sarah came up, tapped me on the shoulder,
and I saw her in her wedding dress. She was the perfect bride.

What was the most fun part of the wedding to plan?:

I’m basically an event planner by trade, so I really enjoyed all of it, and was actually
a little sad when it was over. I think meeting with vendors, and being able to take my
mom along to get her opinion was one of my favorite parts.

bride and groom


bride and groon

Ceremony Site: Travis Park United Methodist Church
Reception Site: The St. Anthony Hotel
Stationery: Unica Forma
Photographer: Joshua Michael Photography
Consultant: Haute Weddings
Flowers: Eden’s Echo 
Gown: Lorelei Gown by Hayley Paige / Bella Bridal in San Antonio
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Engagement & Wedding Rings: Americus Diamond
Jewelry: Pearl earrings from my grandmother; tanzanite ring and bracelet from
Taylor’s mother
Bridesmaids Dresses: They all picked their own! I think in total they each picked
one from Dillard’s, Vow to be Chic, BHLDN, Rent the Runway and Nordstrom.
Menswear: The Black Tux 
Rentals: Marquee 
Catering: St. Anthony Hotel
Cake: Creations Cakes
Music/DJ: Altared Weddings
Lighting: Illuminating Celebrations
Guests: 150|
We have a sad budget story. When we got engaged we agreed to split the
cost with my parents and were going with $25k. After we met with the reception
venue, we realized that it wasn’t going to be possible to stick to that budget to get
what we wanted so we increased it to $40k. I think when everything was said and
done we ended up around $65k. No one tells you about the little things like dress
alterations, and tax and gratuity!

Anything else you want to share? We want to hear everything! 

I think my biggest piece of advice to future brides would be to talk with your partner
about your wedding non-negotiables. Our planning was relatively stress-free,
despite some set backs. Taylor and I had discussed early on what things were
important to us (I wanted amazing paper and flowers, he wanted a great DJ), and
that’s what we based our budget around. There were still things I would have done
if we had a bigger budget, but because we had decided early on what was most
important, we were each able to get what we wanted without having to sacrifice too
I would also say, don’t panic. Our wedding invitations got lost in the mail, and no one
died. We ordered new ones (and the lost ones showed up the same day the new
ones did), and even though they went out a little late, people still had time to RSVP.
Our rental vendor emailed me the Monday before our wedding that they didn’t have
enough of the chargers we had originally ordered so we would have to pick
something else.  Everything always works out.

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