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Wedding Tips

April 16, 2019

Tips for Picking a Wedding Outfit

wedding outfit

It’s always exciting to start receiving more and more invitations as wedding season approaches, but trying to decide on something to wear can be more difficult than you think. The location, invitation, your relationship to the couple, and a host of other factors could all play into your final decision on a wedding outfit.

Fortunately, finding the right thing to wear to your next wedding doesn’t have to be complicated. These wedding fashion tips will help make sure you don’t show up under or overdressed, and they’ll put you in position to be one of the best-dressed attendees.

Casual Beach Weddings

A more laid-back beach wedding generally calls for a casual dress code, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still put some extra effort into your outfit. Several of these beach wedding ideas will help you get started in your search.

In general, you want to look for something classy and light, but that will also be suitable for a day at the beach. When it comes to footwear, consider wearing a pair of comfortable sandals that you won’t have any trouble taking off in the sand. Try and avoid accessories or other statement pieces that would fit better at an indoor wedding.

Ballroom Weddings

Ballrooms, along with similar venues like golf clubs, can blur the line between formal and semi-formal, so your choice of outfit may be based on what you know about the couple. One great place to look for clues is the invitation, which will likely communicate the style or theme of the wedding.

Depending on your interpretation of the situation, you may prefer to wear a cocktail dress or something longer. The invitation can also help you determine how fashion-forward you expect others to be at the wedding, which can make it easy to decide on wedding accessories.

Semi-formal Events

Weddings at art galleries, hotels, and similar venues are generally more formal than a beach wedding but more casual than one at a golf club or ballroom. This means you still want to make an effort not to overdress, but you also have more freedom to play with styles and put together a more fashion-forward outfit.

Art gallery weddings in particular are the perfect place to showcase your statement outfit and accessorize to the max. Check out these early 2019 high fashion trends for ideas on how to include eye-catching accessories in your next wedding outfit.

Trying to find something to wear to a wedding can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if this is your first wedding season. Although time and experience will make you more comfortable with wedding dress codes, these tips will help you find the perfect outfit for an upcoming wedding.

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