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December 26, 2017

Top 10 Wedding Invitation Trends for 2019

10. Pockets

burgundy laser cut wedding invitation

Adding a pocket to your suite is a really beautiful way to display your invitations. A lot of brides spend a significant amount of time and effort designing and making sure their invitations are perfect. We think displaying your invitations as a work of art is not only important, but necessary! You could go with a floral laser cut style for a more elegant vibe, or more of a subtle regular pocket that lets your invitation be the star! With hundreds of colors and styles, its impossible for you not to find one you like!

9. Borders 

navy and marsala wedding invitation with gold glitter boarder

Borders galore! I can’t tell you how many mounted backers we have attached to our orders this year! If you’re not sure on what exactly a mounted backers is, its basically a second card glued behind your invitation to give it a border. This is a really great way to add a pop of color or shine to your suite! By far gold glitter, and rose gold glitter were the most popular borders brides wanted this year. But of course, if glitter isn’t your style, you could go with a metallic backer or a solid color to add a a little color and weight to give it a double-ply weight!

8. Big and Bold Names

peach and blue wedding invitation

A good font is truly unappreciated, so this trend was big for the modern couples who didn’t want much extra fluff in their invitation designs. But sometimes a clean, bold font is all you need to make an impact on your guests! Making the couples names much larger and more prominent on the invitation will give the impression this is about you two, and nothing else! If many of the current trends don’t fit your style as a couple, give this one a try!

7. Playful Pops of Color

colorful tropical wedding invitation

Although neutral weddings are gorgeous, there was a rise in more colorful and bold invitation requests this year! Many times couples feel they need to be more reserved when it comes to planning a wedding, but I love when we get a request to do something bold and colorful like this tropical wedding suite! Don’t forget your invitation isn’t the only important item! Get playful with your envelope liners and colors too!

6. Minimalism

deckled edge minimalism invitation modern wedding invitation

On the opposite end of number 7, minimalism has become much more common in the wedding world! It’s no secret that planning a wedding can get extremely stressful and chaotic so perhaps minimalism is on the rise in hopes to keep some balance? Either way we love the delicate, simplicity that these wedding suites embody!

 5. Illustrations

watercolor illustration wedding invitation

This 2017 trend is seriously one of my favorites! They are so different from your traditional type invitations, I don’t know how anyone could hate them! An illustration of the wedding venue gives your guest a sneak peak as to what you have planned for your wedding, which is always fun! You can also get an illustration done of you and your fiancé! It would be one of a kind and a cute little keepsake to look back on.

4. Modern Typography

wedding invitation

As I mentioned before a good font goes a long way. Usually for these type of invitations there is little to no art in the design for the font and color will be what carries you. This modern style has increased a lot due to the minimalistic trend getting bigger too! Invitations like this are so great because it gets straight to the point, but stays vibrant with a cool color choice!

3. Rustic/Woodland

rustic mountain wedding invitation

Rustic wedding invitations have been at the top of the list for a while, and I expect them to stay there for a couple more years. But I really love the evolution within the style of itself! From my point of view I see less of the DIY mason jar and burlap style, but a movement towards a woodsy tone with a fusion of masculine and feminine tones!

2. Watercolor

burgundy watercolor wedding invitation

There are so many beautiful water color wedding invitations! Again this is an invitation style that is outside of your traditional wedding box, its hard not to be drawn too! Its easy to dress up or keep a on the more casual side. And watercolors look good in practically every color you could imagine, no matter bold or light!, which is why its earned number 2 on our list!

1. Foiling

gold foiled wedding invitation

Foiling is king when it comes to your wedding invitations, because honestly nothing can compare. For those of you don’t know foiling is a type of printing method. Your design will be made into a metal plate that which is used to print foil sheets onto your invitation. Foiled wedding invitations just look so much more luxurious and impressive in person. The shine is something most other printing process cant produce, and you can literally feel the texture! There’s no surprise foiling won the number one spot on out list and in our hearts!

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