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October 11, 2018

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors

By: Kristina Phelan

Wedding color stock photo

Choosing your wedding colors can be hard choice for some couples. This relatively easy decision can affect almost every aspect of how your wedding turns out. Check out these easy tips on how to choose the perfect wedding colors for your big day:

Consider Your Taste

Chances are that you and your fiancée both have a favorite color or color palette that resonates with your personality. Choosing wedding colors based on your personal preferences will help you enjoy the decorations and accents. However, make sure that your favorite colors complement each other. For example, choosing red for a wedding color is a popular choice but shouldn’t be used with a baby blue hue. Check the color wheel for shades of your favorite colors that work well together to create a beautiful wedding color pallet.

Consider the Location

Sometimes your wedding location can greatly determine what kind of colors you should go with for your wedding. Make sure that your chosen colors don’t fight for attention from an overly decorated room with a lot of paint or wallpaper. If your location is a blank slate you can choose almost any color combination that you want. For outdoor locations, make sure that your wedding colors don’t clash with colors that you normally find outside like blues and greens.

How To Choose Your Wedding Colors

Consider Other Weddings

A great way to choose your wedding colors is to browse through pictures of other weddings that you particularly like. You may surprise yourself in a color scheme that is bolder than you expected but that looks great in photographs. A good rule of thumb is to choose one bold color, like red, purple, or blue, with a more muted color like white, gray, or black. These options will work well together and will offer a lot of mixed uses in decorations and accents.

Choosing your wedding colors can be an easy decision when you consider your wedding location, your favorite colors, and other wedding photos that you enjoy. Make sure to run your colors by a few key people in your wedding like parents and bridesmaids to get other ideas or suggestions as well. Choosing wedding colors is a great way to start the exciting planning of your beautiful wedding.

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