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March 27, 2018

3 Top Tips to Creating a Wedding Budget

By: Kristina Phelan

upscale bbq wedding

Every successful wedding requires a large amount of planning and a lot of communication. With all of the moving parts, it can be very easy to spend more than you intended to create your special day. Consider these 3 top tips in how to create a wedding budget that will fit your needs but also won’t break the bank:

#1: Know What Things Cost

Part of planning a successful wedding budget is knowing the actual price of what something is in your area. Although doable in some areas, planning to spend $200 for a wedding dress is highly unlikely. $500 for a venue is probably not going to happen as well. Do your research and understand what the costs are for the major things that will take to create your wedding day.

wedding guest list wedding seating chart

#2: Write It Out

Having a general wedding budget limit in your mind is very different from putting it down on paper. Writing down expenses will help to keep your costs in check. Create a spreadsheet that contains what you plan to spend on each category. If you save money on one line item you can easily put that money into another area. Give your fiancé access to the file so that they can help you keep on track and stay accountable.

floral seating for ceremony wedding roses

#3: Save With Used Pieces

Many aspects of a wedding are things that are used for one day and then discarded. Check online sales groups for slightly used wedding items that are in pristine condition. There is no reason to buy everything new for your wedding when you can find used pieces at a fraction of the cost. Guests won’t know what is used, and what isn’t, and you can cut down your wedding budget significantly by being willing to do some digging and score some deals.

rustic wedding venue Oak tree wedding

Weddings can quickly get out of hand and become extremely expensive. By following these tips you can make sure that you stay on budget and still have a beautiful wedding day that you can be proud of.

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