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July 26, 2018

Tips For Tackling Your Wedding Guest B List

wedding guest list

Guest lists can be a nightmare if you don’t know what you’re doing! There are two sets of families and friends to sort through, which isn’t always an easy task. We have a few tips for you to navigate the your wedding B list to relieve some pressure.

Think about it from the start

Its important to  compile your A and B list all at the same time. As you solidify who you definitely want on your A list, it will be easier for you to build the B list. When you start receiving the RSVPs back you can send out the B list invites as you get them!

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Send your invitations early

Its typical to send your wedding invitations 6 weeks before the big date, leaving a few weeks for them to send their responses back
to you. However if you have a back up list of people, it might be a smart idea to send out your invitations earlier to give the B list a chance to respond as well. A good starting point would be around 8-10 weeks.

2 Sets of rsvp

If you’re keeping your B list under wraps, this is an essential step! A sure fire way for your guests to know they didn’t make it on the first list is through the RSVP date. Depending on how late you send out your invitations to the B list, they may not even get them until after the RSVP date. Be proactive and order extra RSVPs with a later date in the event you do send out invitations later down the line. Still make the date 2-3 weeks before your wedding date, so you have plenty of time for any last minute preparations.

wedding guests

Make sure the B list is understanding bunch

Not being picked first can be a hit to the ego. Unintentionally being put on the B list can cause some hurt feelings. To avoid any extra drama, make sure those on your second list are understanding. Maybe you have a large family and a small venue. Or your future in-laws have a lot of friends on the list. It never hurts to reiterate that you DO want them there!


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