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March 12, 2019

The Easiest Way To Use a Wax Stamp

So, you put together your dream wedding invitation suite, detailed with envelope liners, addressed envelopes and a wax stamp, but have no idea how to efficiently use the wax seal? No worries; I am here to help, and we won’t both burning a candle to achieve a timeless wax seal look. No spoon, either. We’re going to forgo the traditional way to use a wax seal and get it done quickly without compromising the beauty of it.

glue gun wax seal

What You Need

  • A wax stamp. Whether your custom stationery designer created one for you, or you grab one off of Amazon, you’re going to need the stamp itself.
  • Glue gun wax. Instead of getting cubes of wax to melt, get ones that fit in your glue gun. They make ones for regular sized glue guns, and for mini glue guns.
  • A glue gun. Just make sure you know if you are getting a standard size, or mini to get the appropriate wax size. The one I use is a standard sized glue gun. Extra bonus if it has a temperature setting! You will want to use it on it’s lowest heat setting.
  • A bag of ice, or an ice pack.
  • A small towel/rag.

branding wax seal

How to Use the Wax Seal

Cool It Off

Make sure your wax seal is cooled down. I usually have an ice pack on hand with a towel to wipe off any water residue on the stamp before using it. You can just use a baggie with ice cubes in it if you don’t have an icepack available.

Prepare the Glue Gun

Turn on your glue gun and put the wax sticks through it. Make sure you have the glue gun on a low setting. If it is too hot the wax will bubble and you won’t get a clean impression.

Squeeze the wax out.

I usually use 1-2 pumps. It will depend on the size of your stamp, so play around a little bit to see what you like the best! The messier you pour the wax, the messier the stamp will be! The wax will seep out from the edges of the stamp, so consider that when squeezing out the wax!

Wipe & Stamp

Now wipe your cold stamp off with a towel and stamp the wax! I always mark the top of my stamps with a sharpie so I get a straight seal every time.

Remove & Admire

Once the wax cools down and hardens, pull the stamp off and admire how beautiful it looks! The whole process is easy and extremely satisfying! Start over by putting the stamp back on the ice pack. Don’t forget to show off your pretty stamps on Instagram and tag us!

Here is a quick video walking you through the process!


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