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October 23, 2019

How To Choose a Vintage-Inspired Wedding Ring

Vintage-inspired rings are the next best thing to inheriting a family heirloom. Featuring intricate details and filigree designs, their “one-of-a-kind” allure draws brides in and adds a touch of fairytale romance to their wedding. Whether you’re buying a vintage-inspired ring because you love classic jewelry styles, or feel it’s the perfect match for your wedding theme, here’s what you should consider before choosing your own.

What is a Vintage-Inspired Ring?

A vintage-inspired ring combines the best of both worlds: classic and modern. These rings are designed to look like pieces worn in earlier eras, but aren’t pre-owned. They are created based on jewelry popularly owned from the 1920s to the 1980s.

Vintage styles tend to come back into fashion every twenty to twenty-five years. These rings are the perfect choice for brides who love classic styles, but also want to own something new—that’s made just for them.

2.00cttw Round Engagement Ring with a 1 3/4 ct center ALTR Created Diamond

What Makes a Vintage-Inspired Ring Unique?

Vintage-inspired rings include a larger, distinct center stone, traditional settings and period-specific craftsmanship. Depending on the time period each one is inspired, these pieces are often designed to mimic nature, and styled in classically romantic themes.

Edwardian vintage-inspired themes are graceful, elegant and delicate with a high level of craftsmanship. These rings are generally crafted in gold and rose gold. The Art Deco time, on the other hand, is inspired by the free, fun style of the 1920s with bold geometric shapes and sleek straight lines. Art Deco-inspired vintage rings are typically
created using white gold or platinum.

More often than not, as you come across different eras and styles, you may plan on buying a ring from one era, but end up choosing one from another. Either way, it is crucial that you set a budget for your ring.

1 1/3 cttw Engagement Ring with a 7/8 ct Round Center ALTR Created Diamond

Setting Your Budget

It’s easy to let your heart sway you. Choosing a vintage-inspired ring doesn’t need to be costly. The more elaborate and intricate the design, the more you may end up spending over your limit. Some vintage-inspired rings mix diamonds and precious stones. If you’re choosing a diamonds-only design, you may want to opt for a vintage-inspired ring made from lab-grown diamonds instead—this offers better value for the same price.

Understand the Details

When it comes to vintage-inspired rings, it’s not all about the design. An important part of choosing any ring is the center stone and the metal used. Make sure you consider all these details. These rings can feature oval, round brilliant or emerald-cut stones, and the cut can change the clarity and sparkle of your ring. The 4Cs (cut, clarity, carat weight, and color) affect the look and feel of your ring. In an effort to achieve sustainability, many vintage-inspired rings are made using recycled metals.

Match Your Lifestyle

Because of their intricate and elaborate style, vintage-inspired rings aren’t for everyday wear. Depending on their setting, these rings may tend to snag. Some styles aren’t the right choice for a physically active wearer. While vintage-inspired rings are a great way to catch eyes at social events, consider ease of function for day-to-day wear.

To do this, consider stacking your vintage-inspired ring with a complementary simple one. Edwardian and Retro Moderne-inspired rings are bold and clustered, the perfect match for those with a desk job and little use of their hands. More robust Art Deco rings are well-suited for any kind of lifestyle.

1/2cttw Semi-Mount Peg Head Engagement Ring to accommodate 1/2 – 2.00 ct Center ALTR Created

Vintage-inspired engagement rings are unique. Even though they aren’t decades old, they give the most important piece of your jewelry an elegant and timeless feel. These are perfect for romantic brides who love luxury and sophistication, and appreciate the characteristic features of jewelry designed in older eras.

Take the time to look at several pieces and styles, and understand what they represent. Some jewelers will let you customize your own vintage-inspired ring and you can choose your own stone, settings and metals. Be sure to choose a ring that appeals to the bride’s emotions, and from a retailer that can guarantee authenticity and certification.

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