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May 31, 2018

Tips For Cutting Your Wedding Guest List

wedding guests

Creating a guest list is a hard task! On a daily basis you interact with family, friends, co workers, Facebook friends, your favorite barista, and the list goes on. You may have some pressure from your family to invite their friends and long lost family members you’ve never met. Use these tips we’ve pulled together to help you along the way.

Create Your Lists

bride and groom

Start your guest list one of to ways: in one giant list, or by groupings. If you want to get a big picture of the numbers and how many people you’ve got in mind, one big list works well. Otherwise you can group your guests into categories like essentials, people you would like to be there, extras, etc. Grouping can be helpful in itself because you can dedicate a whole list of ‘extras’ that you can cut if you just don’t have the space.

Don’t Know Em, Don’t Add Em

Our first piece of advice is pretty simple, if you’ve never met, spoken, or know the person, cut them from the list. The whole purpose of having a wedding is to be surrounded by people who love and support you. You can’t say that about someone who hasn’t met your fiance or yourself!

With that being said, you may run into family issues with this rule. If your family wants to invite extra people, ask them to pick up the bill for those people. They may see this as a reasonable option, or drop the urgency in inviting them all together.

Friends Of A Friend Aren’t Your Friend

wedding guests dancing

On the same note as the last tip, your friend’s friends are not really your friends. If you don’t go out of your way to see them on your own, they probably aren’t worth an invite. Do you ever see them outside of group events? If not, cut them from the list. Even if you were invited to their wedding, don’t feel obligated to return the favor.


This one can be touchy because you see these people more day of the week than not. However, if you quit tomorrow, would you stay connected with anyone? Do you hang out if any of your co-workers outside of work related events? These questions will help you decided which list they belong on, or if you want to add anyone to a list at all.

Adults Only

flower girl and ring bearer

Excluding kids from the celebration has become more common throughout the years. This is an easy way to cut costs, and free up room for people you really care about being there with you on this important day. This will also prevent from a small child interrupting an emotional moment by crying or throwing a tantrum.

Plus Ones

Being strict on your guests plus ones is another great way to save a little money and room on your list. Of course anyone married should be automatically invited, but the others can be a tough call. If they have never met you or your significant other, cut them from the list. If you’ve never even heard of the person before, don’t invite them. You could even go as far to say you only get a plus one if they’ve been together for 3 or 6 months. The tighter you hold on this rule, the more significant of a difference it will make!

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