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August 28, 2018

Tipping Etiquette For Wedding Vendors

Most people know how to tip for their everyday encounters, but tipping wedding vendors can be a bit of a mystery. Who do you tip, who doesn’t get tipped, and how much is expected? We’ve create a quick reference guide for you to follow when the time comes!

First piece of advice is to check ALL the contracts! Their may be a a gratuity included or a mandatory percentage you’ve agreed to paying without even realizing it. Once you read over whats included, or not, then you can decide where you need to start.

Wedding Planner

Your wedding planner won’t be expecting a tip because you’ve already paid for their services. But that doesn’t mean you can’t show them a little extra love! If your planner exceeded your expectations, exceed theirs and give them a 10-20% tip!

Reception Staff

This is another vendor that isn’t mandatory or expected. But if you have people that have really gone the extra mile for you during your big day, throw them a bone! Average tips could range between $20-$100.

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Catering/ Bartenders

A good starting point for catering staff would be 15-20% of your total catering bill. Or you can give them a flat fee ranging from $200-$500 depending on the size. If the bartenders aren’t included in your catering package, you’ll need to add a little something in for them too. Their tip isn’t quite as much as the catering staff. A good starting point is 10-15% of the bar bill.

Photographer/ Videographer

This is a vendor that doesn’t expect a tip. Often times the wedding photographer is the owner of the business. But if they have multiple shooters, you might feel inclined to give them a little appreciation. $50-$75 is a good starting point for them!

Hair and Makeup

Just like at a hair appointment, you’ll want to tip your stylist and makeup artists. 15-20% is usually expected. If your bridesmaids are getting their hair and makeup done, don’t forget to remind them to have a little extra cash for a tip as well.


Much like a catering tips, you can go with a percentage or a flat rate. You can offer a 10-15% tip for all the parties to split. Or if you have a live band you can slide each band member $25-$50 for the night.


Its standard for the couple to take care of gratuity for the valet attendants. The standard is around $2 per car they park.


This is another vendor who isn’t expecting a tip. With that being said many times these are small businesses. So if they went the extra mile or you really loved their services, a tip wouldn’t hurt. An acceptable range of $50-150 would suffice!

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