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Wedding Spotlight

November 13, 2019

They Met on Tinder and Got Engaged 2 Years Later

Your Name, Age, Job & Where You’re From:

Abigail Tringali, 24, Woodstock, MD

Your Spouse’s Name, Age, Job & Where They’re From:

Dominic Tringali, 28, Woodstock, MD

How You Two Met:

We met on Tinder, even though we lived less than 2 miles apart for 10 years. Our 1st date was in a mediocre sushi restaurant in a grocery store shopping center.

What was your first impression of each other?

He thought I was reckless, aggressive, and too good at flirting, and I thought he was authentic and sincere, but possibly TOO nice. It was hardly love at first sight, and he didn’t steal my heart. But over time, he did something even more impressive; he convinced me to give it to him freely and wholly, forever.

How did you know you were in love?

I’m not sure either of us can pin it to an exact moment. As John Green wrote, we fell in love the way you fall asleep, slowly and then all at once.

How did he propose?

He proposed to me on our 2nd anniversary in the very restaurant where my parents have had their weekly date nights for over 25 years.

What was the style of your wedding?

It was a traditional Catholic nuptial Mass. Very elegant and classic, but fun and family oriented.

What were your colors? What did the bridal party wear?

Suits and long dresses. Colors were burgundy, blush, sage, and grey/silver.

Did you have any unique features in the decor?

Instead of a bridal bouquet, the florist decorated my crutches with floral vines. The favors were champagne bottles full of gummy bears (my favorite candy that Dom used to surprise me with every time I came home, while we were long distance).


What was your favorite part of the wedding to plan?

My favorite part was definitely the invitations! Creating and collaborating on them was really creatively satisfying, and they were everything we imagined. And coordinating with our photographer Justin, who is THE BEST.

If you had to pick a favorite moment of the day what would it be??

My favorite moment was walking down the aisle to the most amazing man. There was a time when I wasn’t able to walk at all, and I didn’t believe I’d ever have the chance to walk down the aisle, so that moment was extra poignant and meaningful. Runner up: My uncle was the priest who officiated, and he forgot Dominic’s last name, so at the end of the ceremony, he pronounced us “Mr. and Mrs. Dominic….and…Abbie.”

Ceremony & Reception Venues: The Shrine of St. Anthony
Stationery: Unica Forma
Photographer: Justin Kunimoto
Florist: Violet Floral Designs in Baltimore LLC
Gown: Martina Liana – Garnish Boutique
Hair & Makeup: Jessica Wise & Amanda Merrell Beauty
Veil: I don’t remember

Shoes: Keds x Rifle Paper Co
Engagement & Wedding Rings:  Sergio’s Jewlers
Bridesmaid Dresses: Kleinfeld Bridal Party
Menswear: Indochino and the Black Tux
Rentals: Loane Bros.
Catering: Zeffert and Gold Catering
Desserts: SugarBakers in Catonsville, MD
Music/DJIn Tune Entertainment
Guest Count: 192

Anything else you want to share?

We went our favorite pho restaurant (Pho Saigon) afterwards to celebrate, just the two of us (and Justin). It’s one of our favorites and is very much a part of our love story.



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