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May 14, 2019

Meet Austin, Texas Wedding Photographer, Autumn

Hello Autumn, tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hey there! Well, I’m Autumn! I’m a wedding photographer based out of Austin, Texas. I grew up
in the Midwest, and never thought that I’d ever be living in the south! A year and a half ago I
married my high school sweetheart, but we’re coming up on our 9 year dating anniversary! We
have a dog named Myla who we treat as our kiddo right now! I love anything with cacti on it,
and have a very real obsession with throw blankets.

I noticed that you value your clients and want to create friendships- how do you get to know your clients in the best way possible?

I love my clients!! My favorite way to get to know them is to just simply hang out with them,
ideally outside of meetings for business! I love to get coffee and just chat with them. I do send
out questionnaires for them to fill out for me, but that’s mostly to make sure we would be a
good fit for each other, rather than getting to know them on a personal level! My main
objective is to make sure we all feel like pals before their wedding day arrives.

Autumn Hatherly photography

How do you feel you capture photos best? (in what environment)

I shoot primarily outside, but obviously with weddings, receptions are typically indoors. I’ve
always been drawn to really epic nature shots with a super beautiful background, so I feel like
in terms of environments, that’s where I capture the best photos. But getting to know my
clients and meeting up with them before their engagement shoot is SO important to me. My
clients tend to feel far more comfortable in front of the camera at their engagement session
when they’ve met up with me in a no-pressure-there’s-no-camera-coming-out type of situation
beforeheand, because we can focus on really just chatting and having a good time, and nobody
has to be worried about pictures!

How long have you been living out your photography dream?

I started my photography journey back in 2016 after I graduated college. My then-boyfriend-
now-husband bought me my very first DSLR camera. It was entry level and I had no idea what I
was doing, and didn’t have a clue that this would turn into a business. I started off just shooting landscapes and pictures of my dog (Duh!), and then in February of 2018 my best friend (who is
an elopement photographer) and I took a girls trip to Colorado, where we did a few sessions for
a couple families she knew out there. At that point I still didn’t know this would turn into a full
blown business, I really just thought it would going to be a part time passion to bring in a little
extra money!

austin texas wedding photographer

How did you get into the business and when did you start doing photography full time?

After that Colorado trip, I started more seriously working on the business side of things; a
website, business cards, trying my hand at marketing, the works. I slowly started getting a few
family clients here and there, and that’s when I started thinking about turning this into a
business. For most of 2018, I worked my booty off marketing to families, only to come to the
realization that my heart truly belonged to those who were in love and getting married. So, in
November of 2018 I decided to shift my entire business and rebrand to couples. That was also
when I decided to give notice at my job to finish out the year! I took a very large leap of faith in
myself, and I’m so thankful that I did. So, I have been doing this full time for only a handful of
months, but I am loving every single second.

What does your dream day consist of?

My dream day consists of waking up without an alarm, snuggling Myla and my husband for a
little bit to wake up and have a couple cups of coffee. On a non-work related day, my favorite
thing to do is to travel to new state parks and go hiking. On a work day, my favorite things to do
include chatting with my clients, making tweaks to my website as I see fit, and I honestly love
editing pictures. I’m a pretty big homebody, so my dream day honestly doesn’t consist of doing
too much! I really value quality time with my family, so that’s pretty high on my list!

austin texas engagement photography

What do you value the most about wedding photography?

The thing I value most about wedding photography is the fact that after your wedding day, your
wedding images are one of the few tangible things that you can hold on to. They are able to
preserve memories of a day that you worked so hard to make perfect and bring to life. I know
when I look back at my wedding photos, I’m so thankful for the pictures of moments that I
wasn’t able to see in person (pictures of my husband getting ready, etc). Most people spend so
much time planning this day, and it seriously flies by, so I love that you can sit down with your
images and reminisce on the most perfect day, and take your sweet time reliving those

What advice can you offer us about running a business? What have you learned about yourself and you brand since you started?

Oh my goodness. I have learned so much invaluable information about myself during this whole
process, it’s unreal. I always laugh that I actually own my own business, because if you knew
me, you just know that I am not a business woman. I am a creative thinker, a maker-of-things,
etc. It’s been a big process of reading books, listening to podcasts, and hiring professionals to
make sure I’m doing things correctly on the business side of things, because it just doesn’t
come naturally to me! So I’ve really pushed myself and learned that when I have the desire to
do something, I really can do it if I just set out to do it. I also joke with my friends that before I
really learned about the business aspect of things, I really thought it was going to be as simple
as ‘taking pictures and sending them off’. (How naïve was I? Haha)

wedding bouquet

How do you get the inspiration to capture your beautiful photographs?

I really get my inspiration from my couples! I totally vibe off of their love and their individual
personalities, and it sends my creative brain into overdrive! I think that’s what’s special about
being a photographer, because each couple I work with is so different, and it allows me to really
create images that are unique and meaningful to them!

I saw you have a puppy named Myla! What kind of puppy is Myla?

I do! She’s a Coton de Tulear. When I initially got her, I was planning on training her to get into
animal assisted therapy with me (I was still in school for my psychology degree). However, her
personality was too hyper for that line of work, and not long after graduation was when I really
found my passion for photography. So she’s just my sweet baby girl, who I love more than just
about anything in this world!

texas wedding photographer

I noticed you love lattes– where do you get the best Vanilla Lattes from in your hometown?

Vanilla Latte’s are my jam!! There’s a coffee shop called Mazama that isn’t too far from the
town I live in, and they’re awesome there! I do have a Keurig that brews espresso, so I also
make them from home frequently to save a few bucks!

Where can our readers find you?

They can find me at a few different spots! My website is www.autumnhatherlyphoto.com, and
they can find me on Instagram @autumnhatherly

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