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November 15, 2018

How to Get More Work Done by Taking a Break

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the best at taking breaks. When you get into the groove, and your creative juices are pumping, time gets away from you. You finally look at the clock and you realize it’s 7:00PM and you haven’t even had lunch yet. But what if I told you that this was actually making you less productive? The quality of your work suffers when you aren’t taking breaks throughout your workday.

Eating lunch at your desk or on the go between meetings is what a lot of people do. They think that’s how they get the most work done, but working like this actually has more negative side affects than it has positive ones. You will risk straining your eyes, your work may get sloppy, and worst of all you might lose the passion you had
for a job you once loved.

Did you know that your brain uses glucose more than any other bodily activity? Yep. And you will have spent most of it after an hour to an hour and a half. That’s why you need to implement breaks into your schedule. Work smarter, not harder here people.

How to implement breaks into your workday, no matter what you do for a living

1. Get moving

Roll back on your computer chair and stand up. Most of us sit in a chair all day at work. You need to get up and walk around. This does not mean grab a snack and scroll through your Instagram account. While it may take your
mind off work for the time being, it is not an efficient way to reboot the brain. I like to set my alarm for a mid morning walk. I usually take my dogs around the block and then return back to work. This gives me about a 20 minutes break in the morning and my dogs love it.

2. Be Social

Rather than spending time looking through social media, go be social. Get up and talk to some of your co-workers; this will often boost your morale while giving you a break from work. Having good camaraderie at your job is very
important. If you work by yourself like me, call your mom. Call a friend. Join a mastermind group and schedule them in your workday as a break time. You can use these people to improve your business and to talk to as a friend.

I made a friend in the industry that was struggling with taking breaks the way I was. Our solution? We scheduled a face time break to talk about anything BUT business 3 days a week at the same time.

3. Take Vacations

Oh man! Let me tell you, this is one I am still trying to master. I take the vacations, but I do not step away from my work. I have yet to take a vacation + not work throughout it. Vacations help us relieve stress, improve your mood and give you a better view on the big picture! Even working on vacations, I usually come back feeling improved + ready to go! I feel inspired to dive back into my work better than before. I can’t imagine what it would
be like if I actually took an entire week off! One day 🙂

Just try it. Even for a week. Take a break every 60-90 minutes in your workday and write down, or make a mental note on how it makes you feel! I guarantee that you will feel more energized, you will find it easier to concentrate and overall happier at work!

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