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July 24, 2018

How To Be Stress Free On Your Wedding Day

wes Forbes photography

Get Ready alone

Its expected to get ready the morning of your wedding with the group of girls that will be standing by your side. But if you find yourself wanting some solace in what is going to be a hectic day, consider getting ready in the morning alone. If option is a little extreme, you can try get yourself a separate room than the rest of your bridesmaids. It will give you a space to yourself so if you feel overwhelmed you will have a place to retreat without being completely cut off from your friends!


This option isn’t for everyone, but it definitely worth a try! Meditation is a time to get out of your head and remember what your wedding day is all about! It doesn’t take much time (could be as little as 5-10 minutes) and could completely change your mood. I would recommend this during your entire wedding process not just the day of.

Stay connected

Depending on the type of person you are, when you get stressed you may want to retreat from everyone and stay in contact with “your person”. If you’re the latter, then stay connected! If its your fiancé that you’ve been missing, text them. Even though the tradition is that you shouldn’t see each other, that doesn’t mean you can call or text each other.



Staying calm the morning of your wedding is of utmost importance. So if you need to assign tasks to your friends an family this is your last chance to do it. Having a right hand man that you can trust is usually the best way to go. You want to soak up all the goodness and love this day has to offer, not stress and worry about the little details.

Practice your vows

Public speaking doesn’t come natural to most, and even though your vows are personal, you’ll be sharing them in a public forum. So making sure you have what you want to say ready to go when the time goes, it may calm your nerves if you have any. Not only that, but focusing on the sentiment behind the words you’ve written can also get you out of your head!

Allow yourself to be nervous

You’ve been planning this moment for months (maybe even years) so its natural to be nervous! Sit in your feelings for a few moments and acknowledge them. Sometimes writing or talking about them can help your through them. Don’t just brush them away. A few years from now you may have wished you were a little more present in these precious moments.

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Photos by: Wes Forbes Photography

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