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March 8, 2020

Sourcing Flowers for Flat Lay Styling: Live, Dried and Pressed

I have learned a lot about styling photos since starting my business four years ago. From creating my own styling boards, to finding the perfect props, everything has finally come full circle enough for me to be confident in my styling ability.

In the beginning of my business I styled with fake florals. From Michaels, or Joanns, it didn’t matter. I grabbed a few faux stems every time I was out. To be honest with you? I wasted a lot of money on them. You know what fake flowers look like in styled photos? Fake. Don’t get me wrong; they are great to practice with. But, when you’re taking close up shots there is no pretending that the stems are real. So, to put it bluntly, don’t use them. It will make your photos worse.

Live flowers are, in my opinion, the best thing you can use. But they aren’t always practical and I get that. So below I’m going to share all of my sources.

Where to get live flowers:

These are fairly easy to come by, they just die, and have to be used pretty quickly. You can find these at your grocery, your local hardware store in the spring/summer, a flower shop or even an actual wedding florist. I have found that Trader Joe’s tends to switch up the floral arrangements pretty frequently and almost always has eucalyptus or some sort of greenery. Greenery is great to use as a filler or even as the main “flower” source in your photo.

My favorite place to get dried flowers:

If you look at our photos, you will find dried flowers in the majority of them. That’s because I can keep these forever and use them over and over. I like the way that sounds, and so do my pockets $$.

Hands down, the place I have found the most dried flowers that I like is this Etsy shop. They allow you to bundle the flowers that you want, and I always create my own. If I know I have a navy suite, I try to find dried flowers that will look cohesive with the stationery. I only get about 2-5 branches of each different flower rather than a big bundle of one. However, I have bought larger bundles of eucalyptus and pepper grass. I can’t recommend this shop enough.

Pressed Flowers on Etsy:

I don’t use pressed flowers as much, but they are gorgeous and I probably should! I have used pressed flowers more for projects than for styling. Mostly because they cost a bit more than the dried flowers. I have found these all over Etsy. If you search ‘pressed flower stems‘ you can find them. Or, if you know exactly what leaves you want, you can be more specific in your search. They will come up!

Happy Hunting!


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