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December 20, 2018

Small or Big Wedding? How to Choose What Is Right for You

By: Kristina Phelan

The beginning stages of wedding planning can be hard. Do you choose a hometown or destination wedding? Do you choose a small guest list or invite everyone? Outside or in a church? There are so many decisions to make in order to make your big day exactly what is perfect for you and your fiancé. Consider the following ways to help you decide if a small or big wedding is right for you:

Pros for A Small Wedding:

You Enjoy Privacy:

Those couples who are more private in their everyday life may be more comfortable with having a small wedding. This also is a great choice for those who want a more intimate feel for the wedding.

You Have A Tighter Budget:

Smaller weddings usually cost less than larger ones based on the guest list size. However, inviting less people means that you can choose fancier options for the reception.

Pros for A Big Wedding:

You Like to Party:

Those couples who enjoy partying with a lot of friends and family will probably want a larger wedding. There is a lot to be said about the party atmosphere of a big wedding that allows everyone to celebrate and have a lot of fun.

You Have A Large Family:

Many couples who have a large family will choose to have a big wedding so that they can invite everyone. Big weddings are a natural option for those with a large guest list.

Cons for A Small Wedding:

You Can’t Make A Choice:

It will be hard to make a choice when it comes to who is invited to your small wedding. Some hard decisions will need to be made if you have a lot of friends and family. Feelings can get hurt and a small wedding can quickly grow into a big one.

Cons for A Big Wedding:

You Have A Tight Budget:

Not all big weddings have to cost a lot but they definitely do put a limit on the budget. Serving a simple meal will quickly add up if you have hundreds of people attending. Tighter budgets will limit the location options in order to fit in everyone as well.

Choosing what size of wedding to have can be a tough choice. Make sure that you consider every option before committing to having a small or big wedding. Knowing yourself, and your fiancé, is important to keep in mind when choosing what size of wedding is right for you.

Photos by Tenth & GraceOlivia Leigh Photo

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