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Wedding Spotlight

April 5, 2018

The Ultimate Rustic Chic + Sunflowers Wedding

Cobalt, Burgundy, Tan Wedding

Bride’s Names, Age, Job and where she lives:

Christina Rose Petersen – 28 – Nurse Anesthetist – Pittsburgh

Groom’s Name, Age, Job and where he lives:

Daniel Joseph Petersen – 28 – Electrical Engineer – Pittsburgh

Bride twirl gown Open back wedding dress

How you two met:

We met in seventh grade when we came to public school from two different local
catholic elementary schools. We were very close friends from then on even when we
went to different undergrad colleges. Dan went to Penn State and I went to Pitt. We
would visit each other at school to have fun with friends together and spend time
together over summer breaks back at home. The summer before our senior year of
undergrad is when everything changed. We both realized how we actually felt about
each other and couldn’t imagine finding a better partner. We dated from that summer

What was your first impression of each other?:

Christy – we were very young but I know I thought he was very cute, we were in the
harder classes together so I also knew he was smart, and he just seemed like someone
who always wanted to have fun and be positive.
Dan – Obviously I thought she was cute, but it felt like we had already known each other
for a long time. Because we had so much in common and neither of us had too many ties
to other friends at our new school, I thought I may have found my first real girlfriend. It
took a little longer than expected, but now she’ll be my last.

When did each of you know you were in love?:

Christy – The end of the summer that we started dating. We were away on a weekend
with friends at a cabin having a blast – white water rafting, jet skiing, boating – and
something just clicked in my head. I realized I had never been so at ease, so happy and
content in a relationship. It was just easy. It made sense. This guy was absolutely perfect for me. He made every day better and fun. Then it really hit me – I was in love
with him for being him and how he made me feel.

Dan – I’m not sure of the exact date, but I knew I was in love with Christy near the end of
my junior year in college, before the summer break. Christy wasn’t home yet for the
summer because she was studying abroad in Italy until June. As I was counting down the
days until Christy returned from her trip, it dawned on me that I was anticipating her
return to the U.S. more than I would any other friend or family member. We didn’t start
dating for a couple months after she came back, but I just knew and felt that something
had changed between us.

How did the proposal happen?:

We were at a wine festival at Seven Springs, where we went every year in August. We
both called it “the most fun day of the year” in Pittsburgh. That year was our fifth year
going. We considered it like a getaway day to enjoy each other and our love for wine.
Every year it had been a beautiful sunny day where we just had so much fun being in
love. The year we got engaged was no different. It was a Friday night – because this
year we decided to go for two days of the wine fest – Friday night just us – and
Saturday some of our closest friends were coming for the first time to see why we
raved so much about the event. (Little did I know it was because Dan planned on
proposing Friday night and celebrating with our friends on Saturday).

After we had
only visited a few of the vendors – Dan suggested getting a snack and sitting at a table
far away from everyone else and the music, which I found extremely curious and unlike
us, but went along with it. While sitting and snacking, Dan started to talk to me about
his feelings for me, and why he loved me so much. At this point I thought something
was fishy and started getting nervous – considering there was only two possibilities –
he was either proposing to me or breaking up with me.

Dan continued on with
compliments and details of our love story, ignoring how nervous I was getting, and
then he got down on one knee and proposed. It was absolutely the most perfect
moment I could have dreamt of. Within minutes we were face timing with our parents
and sisters, texting friends, sharing our love, joy, and excitement. The following day
several of our friends joined us, where we had a beautiful sunny day of fun, filled with
love, laughs, food, and wine – what more could you ask for?!?

Style of the wedding:

Rustic chic is the name my florist gave my style.


Burgundy, Tan, Cobalt


There wasn’t one – rustic/fall

Anything unique happen or with decor?:

We built a huge wooden pallet sign that took us forever the summer before because I
saw it on pinterest and insisted on making it work… IT ACTUALLY WORKED! And was


If you had to pick a favorite moment of the day what would it be?:

Christy – our entrance – Dan caught me in the air and spun me around, then kissed me
while someone threw confetti on us
Dan – our first dance

What was the most fun part of the wedding to plan?:

The Cake!!!! – free cake tasting – we went to 5 different places just for fun.


Ceremony Site: Holy Family Church – Latrobe, PA
Reception Site: Waterworks – Greensburg, PA
Stationery: Unica Forma
Photographer: N/A – Family member
Videographer: N/A – Family member
Consultant: none
Flowers: Rosebud Floral Shop – Murrysville, PA
Gown: Maggie Sottero – Sybil
Hair: Tease Hair Salon – Murrsyville, PA
Make-Up: N/A – friend
Veil: Bridal Beginning – Mt.Lebanon, PA
Shoes: Macys
Engagement & Wedding Rings: Orr’s
Jewelry: Etsy and Nordstrum
Bridesmaids Dresses: Exquisite Bride – Murrysville, PA
Menswear: J.A. Bank
Rentals: none
Catering: Carson’s – own Waterworks
Cake: Pastor’s Bakery – Greensburg
Desserts: Family members and friends made cookies
Music/DJ: Marquee DJ
Guests: 160

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