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November 8, 2018

3 Must Haves for Ring Bearers

By: Kristina Phelan

Ring bearers are usually the second in line for attention when compared with flower girls but that doesn’t mean that they should be excluded from all of the fun perks of being in the wedding party. Ring bearers are usually very serious in their wedding duties and can be the runaway star of the show with their abilities to act like the men in the bridal party. Make sure that your ring bearer is all set to go for your big day with these 3 must have items:

#1: The Outfit

There are hundreds of different styles of outfits when it comes to ring bearers. From simple white shirts with khakis to full on mini tuxes, a ring bearer should easily match the rest of the groomsmen in the wedding party. Make sure that the ring bearer is comfortable in the outfit and that layers are better so that a stuffy jacket can be taken off during the reception for comfortability. Also remember to consider the size of your ring bearer and the timing of your wedding in order to have an outfit that won’t be too small or short for growing young boys.

#2: The Tie

One of the greatest aspects of the ring bearer’s outfit is the tie. Many ring bearers are adorned with bow ties in order to give them a proper and clean cut look. There is just something so adorable about a little boy in a bow tie that will have guests drooling over their cuteness! Adding in other accents that match the tie like suspenders and pocket squares only add to the overall look of a cute ring bearer.

#3: The Accent

Many bridal couples are foregoing the traditional idea of the ring bearer carrying the rings down the aisle due to the possibility of losing the expensive jewelry. If you choose this option make sure that your ring bearer has something to do as a job for the wedding. This could be carrying a cute sign down the aisle or pulling a wagon with a younger sibling in it. Remember that boys like to stay busy and have something to do so make sure that your ring bearer understands that their job is an important part of the big day.

Ring bearers are an important part of a wedding party and should be a key part of any wedding day. Make sure that your ring bearer has an outfit that correlates well to your wedding theme as well as a tie that accents their overall look. Also have a job in place for the ring bearer in order to keep them focused on your big day. Having these easy must have items for your ring bearer will help to make sure that your wedding day goes off without a hitch!

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