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May 3, 2018

How To Remove Your Address From Google Business Listing

Did you add your address to your Google Business listing to build your SEO and then realized you can’t remove it? No matter what? Yeah, me too. But I found a solution.

When you first Googled Unica Forma, my home address would come up because I verified the location as my house. (I work for home, so technically it’s true – but I did not want everyone on the internet to know where I lived). If you read through Google’s FAQ and help docs they list a few ways to remove it. First, they say to mark the listing as permanently closed. They also mention that you can report and address as a home address. Well, I tried all of this. It marked my business as closed, and Google still had everything listed. But then, I figured it out:

The Steps:

1. Log in to your Google My Business page
2. Click Info
3. Click on the pencil to edit your listed addresses
4. Where it says “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location” choose YES
5. Set your location and make sure you have the “I also serve customers at my..” at the bottom is NOT checked.
6. Click Apply!

Now your address will automatically be removed from the Google listing!

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