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May 28, 2019

6 Questions I Get Asked The Most About Unica Forma

What does Unica Forma mean?

Unica Forma means ‘unique form’. When I started the business, my husband and I were looking all over the internet to try to come up with a name (We used to be called jordilocks design for about 5 seconds in the beginning – ha!). It was between Unica Forma and Unicum Charta. We ended up asking our immediate family which one they liked the sound of better, and they went with Unica Forma. So, it stuck!

How did you get into this business?

I got engaged in 2015, and married in 2016. I was planning my own bridal shower and looking around at invitation options and realized there wasn’t anything that perfectly fit my style. So, I ended up creating my own invitations! After that, I redid our wedding invitations and posted them on my personal Facebook. The feedback I got from our guests and my Facebook friends was, quite frankly, insane. People I knew started reaching out about designing invitations for their wedding, and I kind of dove in head first. 3 years later, and my design skills and knowledge have increased just a little 😉 and we have worked with over 200 couples!

Do you do this full time?

I do! You can read all about my journey going full time here. It initially started as a ‘side hustle’ after receiving the feedback on Facebook/from our guests, but it quickly turned into a full blown business.

How much do wedding invitations cost?

This question is impossible to answer without knowing what the clients wants & how many. Generically speaking, 100 flat printed Invitations + Envelopes, RSVPs + Envelopes and details insert would be about $600.00.

Do you do full wedding day planning?

We do not; we do everything paper wise – from invitations, to programs, to napkins. But we do not take on any of the flowers, cake design, etc. We do not consider ourselves wedding planners at all, but would love to make some recommendations if you are looking for one!

Do you mail the invitations out for your clients?

We do not send the invitations our to their guests, unless specifically requested to do so. We like our clients to get everything and be able to see it in person before their guests do!

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Want to work with us?

If you are interested in creating your custom wedding stationery with us, I would love to hear more about your story and the work together to dream up the perfect paper for your big day!  Just fill out our questionnaire and I will be in touch!

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