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April 12, 2018

How To Preserve Your Wedding Dress

lace wedding dress  lace wedding dress

So your wedding is over. Now comes the time to start thinking about how you’re going to preserve the gorgeous dress you love so much. Not only will your dress hold as a physical piece of your wedding day, but you may have the chance to pass it down to your future kin1 Plus, I’m sure it wasn’t cheap! Any dress worth that much deserves proper treatment!

Clean It

The first step in getting a dress preserved, is to have it cleaned. You’ve spent countless hours drinking, dancing, and taking pictures with your friends and family. Theres no wonder why it could use a good soak!

The most important part in cleaning your dress is to not wait to long because you get it done! The sooner you can get into a professional the better. Really your most ideal time would be the day after the wedding. Of course this isn’t realistic for most newlyweds as you may already have honeymoon plans, or still be hosting family, but if you can work it into your crazy newlywed schedule, do it!

Another word to the wise, search for a professional that specialized in wedding gowns. This is a very delicate type of job and trusting it to a company that know what they’re doing is a must! Your average dry cleaner may not know there are chemicals in the some cleaners they may use that can melt the hand beading in your dress. Do your research to avoid any mishaps with such a priceless piece of your wedding!

Add It Into The Budget 

As we have discussed above, cleaning your gown is the biggest step in preservation. But like anything else in the wedding industry, this step doesn’t come with a small price tag. Speciality cleaning and preservation can run anywhere to $200-$1,000 depending on what your needs are! Add this expensive into your wedding budget from the start. Not only will this give you plenty of time to research your best options in town, but you’ll avoid the last minute sticker shock fresh off the plane from your honeymoon!

Preservation Kit

Now comes the time to preserve the dress! This can be done in a few different ways. Whether you’re doing the preservation yourself, or a preservation company is doing it for you, make sure the dress is always handled with care, and white gloves. This is the best way to prevent any new stains after the cleaning process has been completed.

  • Boxing is a common method. To prevent any creasing, the dress is folded with acid-free tissue paper. Use tissue paper with no color to also prevent from discoloration. Its then put in an acid-free cardboard box. This always from breathability of the dress because its not sealed shit which also helps with keep and mildew at bay!
  • Bagging is another good option. Bagging doesn’t involving folding the dress at all. Instead it will hang hung on a padded hanger with reinforcements to combat any deformation of the dress. Its then put in a cotton bag. For best results, hang the bag in a dark dry area!
  • Sealing refers to folding the wedding dress in a bag that will be vacuum sealed. Some companies will go as far to replace the air in the bag with nitrogen. This process is to prevent the dress from yellowing over time from the natural reaction to particles in the air. This is a less common method as you cant open the sealed bag to admire the gown, as you can with the others.

No matter which way you proceed to clean and preserve your wedding dress, do it with care! Research the specialty shops you want to help you with this process. Be inquisitive! There’s no harm in making sure the people you choose to hand over your items to, know their stuff! DIY at your own risk! I’m all for saving a penny where I can, but ruining a precious memory along the way may not be worth a few hundred dollars!

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