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October 2, 2018

Post Wedding Brunch


Who to invite?

The Day After Brunch is a staple. But who should you invite? Well the decision is up to you! Theres no real etiquette for brunch. You can extend the invitation to everyone you invited to the wedding, but with that comes another event post wedding brunchand large expense. Keep in mind you’ll likely be tired from your wedding the day before so we don’t recommend this
option. If a smaller brunch is more of what you’re looking for put your immediate family and wedding party on the list. Grandparents, and any close friends are great people to add too. From there the list is up to you and your new spouse!

Consider adding an extra insert card in your wedding invitation suite to let those know about brunch. This is the easiest way to spread the word! You can opt for an email invitation, but keeping all the correspondence on the same track will make life for you and your guests easiest!

Who plans it?

Again brunch is not a formal event so theres no go to person to plan the meal. You can assign the task to someone in the wedding party, a family member, or put it on your wedding planners to-do list. Ask someone you trust to handle this task for you. The last thing you want to me thinking about on your wedding night is if you have enough eggs and bacon to go around in the morning!

brunch bagels  brunch muffins

Where should it be held?

Make things easy on yourself and hold it somewhere convenient. Whether that be at the hotel your guests are staying, a local restaurant, or a nearby family members house. Make sure wherever it may be that the venue will hold the amount you’re expecting!

What to serve?

This category should be self explanatory. Serve what you like! You don’t have to serve a 5 course meal. Brunch can range anywhere from a full sit down meal, to something simple like bagels and fruit. Think of this meal as your last chance to see your favorite people before they head home and you head on a your honeymoon. It doesn’t matter so much what you serve, as the company you serve it to!

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