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February 21, 2018

How To Plan A Backyard Wedding

backyard wedding

Who doesn’t love a backyard wedding!? They’re intimate, laid back and are a great way to cut some costs by skipping a big formal venue, right? Well as simple as a backyard wedding may seem, they don’t all come as easy as you may hope. In no way is this a case against backyard weddings (because we are very much for them!) but more as an informational guide to help you plan the backyard wedding of your dreams!


The first thing to creating a great backyard wedding is, of course, a backyard! The only real requirement to making a wedding like this work is to have a decent amount of space to work with. It doesn’t matter so much how many trees you have, or if you don’t have a fence, or any other characteristics your yard may obtain, as long as you have some workable space.

The first thing you’ll need to visualize is the amount of people that can move comfortable within your area. If you’re having the ceremony and reception there, you’ll need areas for the ceremony, dining tables and chairs, and a dance floor. Does your guest list and workable area seem like they will compliment each other? If not, consider cutting back on how many second cousins you want to invite.

Another thing you should consider is the actual yard itself. Is your backyard level? Will tables and chairs be able work properly? Does the yard need any to be tended to? The last thing you want to see in your wedding photos is a pile of brush in the corner. Grab those gardening tools, or hire a landscaper to come out and do some maintenance a season before the wedding to ensure any patches, or blooms have time to come in for your big day!


Chances is are you don’t have 100 tables and chairs ready for your guests stored away in your basement. But these are things you’ll need to add in your budget. Do you have a deck that can serve as a dance floor, or need to rent one? Do you want your family and friends running in and out of your home using the bathroom> Or would you rather have a rental option? Will you need to rent an outdoor heater to combat the evening breeze? Think even smaller, down to the tableware and linens!

You’ll also need to keep in mind options for weather coverage. Do you want to rent a tent? Having a back up plan to avoid all of your guests running for cover in your house sounds like an option I would want! If you do decide to go with a tent, you may need to get a generator as well. Keeping the tent illuminated, and any extra power needed for the DJ may be too much for home to handle. Having a generator to avoid a backyard blackout will be well worth the money!

Decorating and Clean-Up

Most backyard weddings don’t come equipped with a staff to help you set everything up. Extra hands in this step are crucial to pull everything together. Gather a group of trusted family and friends to help you in transforming your backyard. You’ll need people for some manual labor like like the tent up and hand lights, along with those to help with the decorating aspect. This step can be a stressful one but your people food and drinks as a token of your appreciation and I promise things will go over smooth!


While we’re on the topic of food, lets take about catering. Because you are already having a backyard wedding, I would hope, for your sanity, that you are getting your wedding dinner catered in! Having adequate space and equipment for your caterers to use in your personal home can cause issues in this type of setting. Be upfront with them during your search. Ask them what they need to be able to do their jobs with ease! Food trucks can be really great options if you cant find a caterer because they already have everything they need on wheels!


Public liability insurance may be something you want to look into for an event this big. You could have hundreds of people in and out of your house, vendors, guests drinking, that any number of accidents could happen. To keep your loves ones, and your home protected its always better to be safe than sorry. Reach out to an event planner, or even one of your vendors to inquire what might be be necessary!

  backyard wedding

Be Courteous

Putting on an wedding is going to come with noise and theres not much you can do about it. For some of you this may not be a factor (i.e lives miles from the nearest neighbor) but for most, you’ll have neighbors to consider. The easiest way to go about this is to offer them an invite. They cant complain if they are there celebrating with you! But for those who don’t want to, or can’t, extend a hand. Preface those in close distance about your wedding. Consider offering a token of appreciation like a bag of coffee or homemade cookies! Be soft in your approach and apologize for any inconvenience it may cause. The kinder you are to those around you, the kinder they will be towards your situation!

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