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August 23, 2018

Place Cards vs Escort Cards

    place cards

If you’re a true noob to this wedding stuff, place cards and escort cards probably seem like two different names for the same thing. But actually there are a few differences! And we’ll help you through the differences…

Place Cardsplace cards vs escort cards

Place cards are the more formal option of the two, and have a few different purposes. The main purpose of place cards is obvious; to assign your guests an area to sit. Usually place cards are giving your guests a table number, but also an assigned seat at the table. This is why they are the more formal option! However place cards can also be used as a way to be served. If you’re having a seated dinner, you can mark place cards with a specific color or icon for your waiters to know who gets what meal.

Escort Cards

Escort cards are the simpler, more widely used option. Much like place cards, they are used to show guests what table they will be sitting at. Most couple choose to display them in the reception area, easily seen by your guests. Some couple even choose to utilize both place and escort cards! It just depends on whats right for your big day.

place cards  escort cards

Do I Have To Have Them?

Definitely not! I’m all about doing what you want versus doing what you think you should. There are a ton of rules and traditions that come along with planning a wedding, and who says you have to follow them! But having one of these options can be super helpful. Letting your guests sit where there may could leave large gaps in areas. If you’re the type of person to be worried about aesthetics in your photos, this might be something you want to avoid. Or maybe you don’t have enough tables because only 5 people sit per table instead of 8. Having a plan in place to make sure these issues don’t arise can be crucial to your sanity!

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