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October 16, 2018

How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Location

By: Kristina Phelan

The beginning stages of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. There are many factors to consider in choosing a wedding date, location, and theme of your big day. Consider these easy steps on how to pick the perfect wedding location for your upcoming nuptials:

Know Your Preference

When you stop and think about your perfect wedding where do you normally visualize it being? Do you see yourself walking down a long aisle in a beautiful church or outside under the natural sun with a stunning view in the background? Do you like the casual idea of a beach wedding where no shoes are required or do you see yourself getting married in a very formal atmosphere with top hats and tails? No matter what location you choose you probably already have dreamt about your perfect wedding location without even realizing it.

Jose Villa Photography Rebecca Yale Photography

Know Your Budget

Wedding locations can differ in cost and can become a huge part of your wedding budget. Make sure that your budget matches your perfect wedding location by choosing one that you can afford. More expensive locations don’t always mean a better wedding. Some of the most intimate and beautiful weddings happen in the forest or backyards while others can be under a gorgeous ballroom. Either way, make sure that your budget will allow for the expenses of the location. As well as, any required items that your location supplies like catering, parking, or reception fees.how to pick the perfect wedding location

Know Your Guests

Make sure that you know the amount of guests that you want at your wedding before choosing a location. Most locations have guest limits and inviting hundreds of family members and friends may pose a serious problem. Other locations like destination weddings will automatically limit the amount of friends and family who attend. Work and budget constraints as well as make it harder for guests with limited mobility. Make sure that you know which guests you absolutely have to have at your wedding in order to make the best location choice.

Choosing the perfect wedding location that fits your personal style and budget is important in making your dream wedding a reality. Also knowing the amount of guests that you plan on inviting, as well as their ability to attend your wedding, is important in choosing a location as well. Follow these easy tips in order to choose the perfect wedding location for your upcoming big day.

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