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August 21, 2018

What To Do When You Make A New Friend While Planning A Wedding

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If you’re reading this, chances are you’ve made it near to the end of your wedding planning process, so congratulations! But as you draw closer to the finish line, more uncomfortable situations arise, just like this one. So what DO you do if you make a new friend in the middle of planning your wedding? We’ve got you covered!

Invite or Not invite?

So you’ve made a new friend! As an adult, making new, lasting friendships can be a struggle so its no wonder you’re in a dilemma. But this very reason it exactly why you should invite your new person to your big day! If you’re far enough into your planning process that you’ve already sent out your invitations, thats okay. Your new pal is going to be aware they are new to your life and may not have made an entrance in time. If you still have time before your RSVP date, slip an invitation in the mail. If not, hand delivery works too! Hand delivery isn’t the “proper” way to invite your guests, but I find most newbies are excited they made the cut!

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New Friend vs. Rekindled Friendship

Now how you handle a new BFF is a little different from a recently rekindled friendship. New friends are kind of like a clean slate, you can’t really go wrong with them because they don’t have any expectations yet. But older friends that what to do when you make a new bff while planning a weddinghave come back into your life may have some expectations.

If you have have a friend that recently came back into your life, that wasn’t on your original list, get that invitation in the mail as soon as possible! Depending on who it is, they may have assumed they would be apart of your day despite whatever was going on between you two. To find out they weren’t on the og list, may be a blow to their ego.

Long story short, do everything you can to avoid rocking the boat thats already a little unsteady.

Addition To The Wedding Party

If you’re having thoughts of adding your new/ old friend as a last minute addition to your wedding party, I would thread lightly. This can cause a lot more stress than it may be worth. The easiest way to navigate this situation is to ask your person to do a reading, or give them some sort of role during the day. This way they feel included while not having to find a last minute dress/tux.

Photos by:
Jack Hoyle
Sposta Photography

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