Meet Amanda from Amanda Watson Photography

When and how did you get into the business? What steered you towards weddings?
I picked up photography in high school and became an avid hobbyist throughout college - when we began planning our own wedding was when I fell in love with all things weddings and, as the saying goes, 'do what you know' I started to pursue wedding photography. By this time, we were already married and didn't want to give up our weekends being away from each other so we decided to shoot together!

Tell us about yourself and Amanda Watson Photography! 
We are Amanda & Chris - a husband and wife wedding photography team - we have been shooting weddings together for over 8 years, are a family of 5 (we have two daughters ages 6 and 3 and just welcomed a little boy into the family in October!), coffee lovers and film shooters meaning we shoot the old-timey film photography (not video) ;)

What do you believe photography should be about?
Photography should be about the preservation of memories - moments in time to look back on and remember fondly. I lost my mom a few years ago and to be able to look back and show our children pictures of her and the memories we had together is priceless.

What is the best part of a wedding as a photographer?
The cake! Just kidding ;) my favorite part is the anticipation leading up to when the bride & groom see each other for the first time. Whether it be during a "first look" or at the ceremony, those moments are always filled with emotion and pure joy!


Do you have any crazy stories from shooting a wedding?
Of course, we all do, but we keep those to ourselves ;)

What are you goals for your business?
I enjoy teaching and helping others through their photography journey; workshops are something we've been focusing on building over the last year or so.

What would you suggest to someone trying to get into the business?
Attend a workshop! I speak on a number of subjects from business and branding, attracting your ideal client, shooting editorials and getting featured and there are no less than 4 amazing styled shoots - plus you leave with a deep sense of community through the relationships you've built with fellow attendees and our team of fabulous vendors! You can get more information at

What is your brides' typical budget for the photography portion of their wedding?
Typically our brides' spend around 15% of their total budget on photography

How should a bride choose their photographer?
You want to choose your photographer based on two factors, whether or not you love their work and whether or not you like them! Your photographer is someone that spends almost the entire wedding day by your side, you want to make sure that you jive well and trust them wholeheartedly to do the job you hired them to do.

What drives your inspiration, both in photography and life in general?
I pull inspiration from everywhere but I get the most joy out of traveling - I find myself truly inspired being in new places!

How important is marketing in photography and how do you do it?
Marketing is important but is tricky to do effectively. A lot of it comes down to what type of client you want to reach - for us, word of mouth & vendor referrals have been the most successful - building strong relationships with our brides as well as the amazing vendors we work with has truly helped our business!

Anything else you want to add? :)
Love what you do and be you - don't look to other photographers to emulate, find what brings you joy and carve your own path!