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March 7, 2018

Must Have Items For Your St. Patrick’s Day Party!

St. patircks day party

I love St. Patrick’s Day purely because its a day dedicated for having a good time! We cultivated a list of St. Patty’s Day must haves to host a party for all your friends and family! So grab your green shirt, a Guinness and lets celebrate your inner Irishman!

Gold Lucky Balloons

gold lucky balloons

Nothing says St. Patty’s Day like a little bit of luck! Set the tone of your party and station these balloons where your guests can see them as soon as they walk in. They come with a string attached so you don’t have to worry about the letters floating away or out of order!

Cake Stand

jade cake stand

This gorgeous cake stand is the perfect accessory for this celebration! The beautiful jade color not only fills the St. Patty’s Day requirement, but it would look great in your kitchen throughout the spring! Of course its made to display any sort of cake, but you can make it into a centerpiece for anything you want to show off!

Gold Embossed Napkins and Silverware

gold embossed napkins  gold silverware

These napkins are a nice touch to give you that wow factor for any party! You can pick from either black or white, depending on the look you’re going for. You can create a custom design or choose from one of her many pre-made designs. And they’re super affordable! You can generally find plastic gold silverware online pretty easily, but also check your local party stores!

Green Mason Jars

green mason jars

The adorable green mason jars are not only on trend with the party theme, you can use them for storage after all your guests leave. During the party you can use them as drinking glasses, or serving snacks. Or you can send your guests home with a packed, and ready to go mason jar with the ingredients to make Irish soda bread!

Mixing bowls

jade mixing bowls

If you weren’t too keen on the mason jars, maybe these mixing bowls are more your style! Similar to the cake stand, they come in a stunning Jade color, and can be an enjoyed all year around. Use them to offer chips and snacks to your guests during the party. After all, they’ll need something to eat to soak up the alcohol!

Giant Confetti

st. patricks day confetti

Nothing says a celebrations like confetti! Sprinkle this stuff over a white tablecloth to add a little texture, and fun to the party! Send the kids outside to throw it at each other for a fun activity! Put it inside a pinata to add a little excitement too!

Shades of Green Tassel Banner

tassel banner

Tassel banners have become a cute little trend over the past couple years! They’ve become a staple in holiday and home decor. It has a few different shades of green to tie any mismatched decor you may have collected each March! This banner would make a perfect accent to a mantle for this Irish celebration!

Cover Photo By
Katie Cassidy Photography

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