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Invitation Reveal

December 2, 2018

These Mudcloth Wedding Invitations Are Perfect For a Boho Wedding

mudcloth wedding invitation

The Couple:

Nick and I met through a mutual friend, she worked with me and Nick was friends with her brother. Anyways, we started texting and felt a pretty good connection through that. We found out a lot about each other and how much we had in common. He likes the outdoors, I like the outdoors, he likes to travel, I like to travel, he’s a dog person, I’m a dog person, he hates coffee, I love coffee… So yes we still had our differences. But, from what I could tell over texting and Facebook, he was a guy I’d like to get to know.

Our first “date” (if you want to put labels on it) was at White Bear Market Fest in July 2013 Let’s keep in mind this is my first time meeting Nick, so I was nervous as could be (so it might have been good we didn’t call it a date, or I might have been really uneasy). So, I drove to his house and he let the dog out first. Emma got to meet me before Nick, so pretty sure she thinks I come over to see her over Nick. Nick and I get in his car and drive to downtown White Bear. We walk around Market Fest, people/dog watch and talk.

The whole time I’m walking with him, I’m waiting for him to hold my hand…

He doesn’t. So a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, I grab his hand first (Yes, I do still hold it over his head that I grabbed his hand first… even if he doesn’t agree). Eventually, we run out of things to see and he suggests we go back to his house to hang out. I agree and we head home. We spent the next hour or two flipping through channels trying to find something to watch. Then Bill, Nick’s dad, comes home. Now Nick did not tell me I was going to meet his dad… so thanks for the surprise. So I got to meet Bill. He was nice.. don’t worry. Then, we went to watch more TV until I had to leave. He walks me out to my car. Is he going to kiss me or not? Nope because guess who had to kiss him… ME! (Yes, I hold this one over his head too, but he agrees on this one). So yea, it all worked out in the end.

It’s funny because I soon learned how surprised Bill was that Nick had brought a girl over and that’s when his family started getting a hunch that I might be over a lot more.

After Market Fest, we went on a few more dates. Eventually, summer was over and we had to decide if we want to make this work while we’re both at school. We both agreed we could make it work and dated ever since.

The Invitation

wedding detail card icons

This is one of my favorite suites to date. Cassie reached out to me after finding zero mudcloth invitations on the internet. She had found me on Pinterest through other boho themed invitations and visited my site. That’s where she read on my About page how obsessed I am with mudcloth. She says from that point on she stopped looking around and knew that I was going to be the one to design her invitations.

We carried the mudcloth theme throughout the entire suite and gave it all a modern vibe. From the icons, to minimal typography, it remained fresh and casual. Cassie actually has a mudcloth ribbon going around her bouquet, which is where she got the idea for mudcloth invitations. I cannot wait to see all the photos from her boho wedding – I know it’s going to be amazing!

see you soon rsvp card

Pin for Later

boho mudcloth wedding mudcloth wedding invitation

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