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Invitation Reveal

June 3, 2018

Moody Blush + Black Michigan Wedding Suite

Deep Black and Blush Wedding Invitations

Moody Blush + Black Michigan Wedding

Oooooh, how I love this suite! Another Sunday, which means I get to share another #invitationreveal with you! This one is a beauty isn’t it? Unfortunately, my photos really don’t do it justice. From the mix of moody blush, black and grey tones, to the modern typography. Not to mention the floral lettering & the calligraphy script. This suite literally has it all, without being an overkill.

The Couple:


Sarah and Alex live in New Smyrna Beach but are having their wedding in Sarah’s hometown, Ferndale, Michigan. The couple loves running, cooking and hiking together. Their typical day consists of waking up, drinking their morning cup of coffee and heading to work. Sarah is a first grade teacher and Alex is a firefighter. They try to spend as much time together as possible, but both have busy schedules. The thing they both agreed their most excited about in regards to their wedding is….. the cake!

The (Moody Blush + Black) Mood Board:

 Moody Grey Blush Moodboard

The Moody Blush + Black Wedding Invitation

Modern Black and Blush Wedding Invitations Custom Wedding Invitations

Sarah had told me her color scheme was “moody blush with black and greys”. She also mentioned vintaged flowers, that it was going to have a modern feel, but that she still wanted it do be elegant and feel like a wedding. At first, I was like hmmm that’s a lot of styles in one, I am not really sure where you’re going with it. I actually generated 2 mood boards before the moody blush & black one above. But once I created that one, Sarah let me know that was it. THAT was the look she was going for.

Black and Blush Wedding Invitations Floral Envelope Liner

The floral envelope liners, and floral details in the lettering really give the entire suite a feminine/soft side. With the black watercolor and the modern block font, we were really lacking the softness Sarah was looking for. We played around with different floral elements and I am so excited she chose to go this route!! It definitely still gives the dramatic moody blush + black tone. Adding the calligraphy font to some of the cards also softened up the entire design. Sarah and Alex didn’t want the entire thing to be the blush and black watercolor background, so we toyed with different gold infused marble effects and left the RSVP white. (Pro tip: leave your RSVP light enough that guests can actually write on them!)

Overall, I think this is my favorite suite I’ve done this year. It is just so unique and I really love the floral/watercolor lettering we used!

Watercolor Black and Blush Wedding Invitations Modern Photo Save the Date

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