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February 23, 2018

Meet Cassie: Northern Native Photography

Home Wedding

When and how did you fall into the photography business?

“I’ve always wanted to be a business owner.. or be my own boss. Growing up I always loved art, people, stories and photography; but separately. I was afraid to push through my doubt and insecurity about “being another photographer.” One day I found myself doing a job just for the money and making someone else’s dream come true and decided that I didn’t want to waste 8 hours a day doing something I hated. Of course I still had to work full time & run my business for just over a year before I was no longer working a “day job.” I started out practicing on family and friends and eventually someone was crazy enough to pay me.”

What do you believe wedding photography should be about?

“Storytelling. Capturing the day as it actually happened so that they can pass on their story through tangible and physical moments (photos). That and really good cake.”

What do you love about wedding, elopement, and portrait photography?

“I know it keeps coming back to this but its the aspect of the storytelling. I believe that people should be able to look back on their big moments with great detail and see it almost as beautiful as it felt. It’s really such a fun job to be able to capture these things and also be apart of them. I love to have close relationships with my clients and ultimately build fast friendships. It’s a job that is full of love, joy, happiness and once in a lifetimes. What is NOT to love?!”

Bride Floral Crown Wedding Table Setting

What are your favorite moments to capture while shooting?

“It’s really hard to pick a few.. but I’d say belly laughs are up there.  Also when they are announced for the first time as a married couple.. that just married stride is so fun.”

What’s your biggest inspiration in life?

“Character development. That may sound really stupid but it’s true. Like I mentioned before I have a love for stories.. When I graduated actually wanted to go to college for screenplay writing. Anyway, I truly love ‘the journey’ of life. Watching people grow, change and react has to be my favorite pass-time.”

Field Engagement Photos Field Engagement Photos

What are some goals for your personal and professional life in the long run?

“I have some big dreams. Some of which I know, some I don’t. What I do know that is whatever I do or wherever I wind up I want to be finding a way to make a living at what makes myself and others happy. I believe that when we are passionate about what we do our impact is far more substantial. Specifically however I hope to publish a few photobooks this year and venture into fine art bridal portraits with a natural light studio!”

I love that you have a bucket list on your website! What are some of your favorite destinations?

“I have to say Ireland is up there. I am hoping to go there within the next year or so! However, as much as I love the idea of traveling for a wedding I think incredible moments far outweigh the grander in a location.”

Bride and groom first look Floral wedding arch

I noticed you’re a fan of Parks and Rec (which I just started watching!) but what else makes your heart happy, both personally and professionally?

“I love that you brought up Parks & Rec. I am so obsessed with it my illustrator (Anna Nunez) incorporated a subtle nod to that and The Office in my logo. I guess something that makes me happy hand and hand, professionally and personally is showing people how I see them. Whether that’s with a Leslie Knope elaborate compliment or a photo that captures their personality.. it’s something that brings me a lot of joy.”

Shades of pink bridesmaids Jewel tone wedding bouquet

What advice would you give someone new to the business?

“Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle. Someone gave that same advice to me early on and it helped a lot. You can’t expect to have the same kind of results as someone who has been in the industry for 5 years or more. There’s a learning curve.. & you have to do what makes you happy or it will get old fast.”

forest wedding bouquet Beach engagement photos

What’s the biggest lesson you’ve taken away from your profession?

“Thats a tough one.. I feel like as an entrepreneur I’ve learned a lot about myself. Mainly, I’d say that when you risk something.. there’s usually great reward in it.”

How important is marketing to your business?

“I would say very important. Marketing myself through social media has been so influential in my business and gaining new clients. It’s a great way to display your portfolio and showcase the work you’d like to continue to do to attract your ideal clients.”

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