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September 18, 2017

Meet: BRZ Photography

close up bride and groom

Hey Ang! Tell us a little about yourself and where you’re from.

Hi! I’m Ang, a photographer from a small town in Alberta, Canada. I’m married to my adventurous, animal loving husband Jim & we have one Fur baby, Ellie. We live on a farm outside my home town, but often travel to New Zealand (where Jim is from).

Photographing is a very personal matter, and are often unique because of the photographer, and how he or she sees it – what does BRZ Photography believe wedding photography should be about?

I believe it should be about your love. That first look down the isle, the way you squeeze each other’s hands a little tighter, the way your dad sheds a tear when walking his baby down the isle, your just married smiles for one & other. I believe focusing on the love you share allows for more intimate moments. I don’t get caught up in the perfect pose, because I feel like it overlooks the moments happening & you lose the true emotion between the couple. 

rustic wedding venue with bride and groom

How did you first get interested in photography?

It’s funny. I never used to take photos. My dad often teased me that I had one photo for every place I travelled. I worked in the Land Acquisition side of the Oil and Gas Industry & decided to travel with my now husband back to New Zealand. After 8 months, my parents came to visit. Dad had just bought an iPad for the occasion & he was adventuring into the whole “selfie” world with me. I was mortified. He passed away suddenly during their trip & those selfies became some of my favourite photos. I realized the value in a photograph. The nostalgia that comes with a single image, taking you back to the sights, sounds & emotion of that very moment. My mom gifted me my first DSLR that Christmas and I began taking photos. The rest, as they say, is history. I haven’t looked back and feel incredibly grateful for everyone’s support.

wooden wedding with bride and groom

How would you describe your shooting and editing style?

A little on the dark & moody side, with more saturation and contrast than usual. But, this is ever changing. I feel like I am always tweaking things here & there.

When it comes to client work, has the process of creating your own unique style, been a lot of compromise, or have you always held on to your beliefs in your art?

I always listen to client requests. Usually it is a photo they have seen on Pinterest in a high light area. I will take the photo as they wish & show them the back of my camera. The photo 90% of the time will look awful (not because of them), and they always have an uh-huh moment. I feel it is easier to show them why I shoot in the places and times that I do, rather than trying to describe it to them.

When did you decide to do weddings – and was there ever a question not to shoot weddings?

I started 4 years ago. My first wedding as the main shooter was exhausting, but I was hooked. I get to attend the “best day ever” every single weekend. How lucky am I?

What is your favorite moment during a wedding?

Is it the same as when you’re just attending as a guest? I love the moment when the witnesses are signing the marriage license & the couple has a moment to look at each other. They are usually whispering, smiling, & twirling their rings. A simple, unposed, raw moment. I also love when they are introduced and walk down the isle as husband & wife. & sunset photos. It is the same when I am a guest, but my favourite part used to be the drinking and dancing before I became a photographer!

Which moment do you think is the most ‘valuable moment’ to capture during a wedding day?

Oh gosh. There are so many. I would say just being ready & able to predict those emotional moments. All weddings are different, but I feel like they often share the same emotion at similar times.

fall bride photography

winter mountain bride and groom

bride in vintage car

hipster boho bride and groom

bride and groom exit walk

Everyone brings something unique to the table, what do you think makes you stand out?

Oh gosh, I still wonder why people want to have me photograph their day. Within a very competitive market I suppose you are your worst critic. I am truly honoured with every booking and my commitment to you is to provide you with photos of memories that will hold a nostalgic value. Proof to those rifling through an old box in the attic, that without your love that day; they may not exist….I also love adventures and am up for anything. I love providing something unique & don’t mind working hard for it!

What has been your most memorable shoot to date?

Oh gosh, there is no way I could pinpoint one. I love every wedding for a different reason!

What are your ambition and your goals for BRZ Photography in the long run?

In the future I’m hope to specialize, travel more, and continue to grow.

I see you offer shoots worldwide, what have your travel experiences taught you that you brought into your photography career?

I feel like I have a more broad view of the world, which allows me to be more accepting and open to new ideas.

What’s something you pull a lot of inspiration from in both your personal and professional life?

I would say nature. My husband and I love being outdoors, hiking & traveling. Also, that emotion I get when I see those selfies of dad and I. I am so incredibly grateful for those photos & want to provide that gratitude to my clients.

In your experience, how important is marketing in photography?

When I first began, I was saying yes to way too many marketing opportunities & trying to create the ideal life on my platforms. It became incredibly overwhelming & I have since slowed things down. I focus on growing my following organically & hope that people follow me because they love my photographs & lifestyle. I feel like my best marketing is done, by doing my job at weddings and receiving referrals.

Have you ever hosted a workshop? 

I hosted a photography workshop for beginners a couple of years ago and I loved it. There is another workshop with other industry professionals in the works….stay tuned for details!

Lastly, is there any advice you’d like to give to those looking to get into the photography business?

Go for it. Don’t be scared. Don’t compare. Be true to yourself. With hard work & passion, success will come.

crystal geode engagement shoot

hiking mountain engagement shoot

For more information on Ang’s beautiful photography, please visit her website at http://www.brzphotography.com/ 

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