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September 11, 2018

10 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Long Hair

wedding hairstyles  side swept wedding hair

Loose Waves

This is a very trendy go-to look right now. Its great because it can start out as a casual look but be easily adapted for a more formal affair. Half of this look isn’t even about the hairstyle itself, its about what you’re wearing and how it will compliment your waves!

Low Pony

I think many brides don’t think of a ponytail as an elegant hairstyle, but don’t underestimate it! There are so many ways to enhance a simply pony and make it chic and bridal!

braid crown  crown braid

Braided Crown

This is another adaptable style! I’ve seen this hairstyle a lot in the bohemian or whimsical inspired weddings. Depending on how tight or loose you want the braid took completely change the tone!

Side Swept

This hairstyle is pretty simple but screams classy! This is an easy way to add a bit of bling into your wedding hair, with a antique hair clip, or a couple unique pins!

wedding updo  wedding updo

Loose Updo

If you’ve got long hair, but don’t necessarily want it in your face, try something like this! The looser the hair strands are, the “younger” the style will feel.

Pin Up

For my brides who love a retro vibe, this is for you! You can incorporate this style in an updo, half up, or letting your curls run free!

Voluminous Curls

Big, bouncy curls are perfect for the glam brides! This is your one day to shine, so why not go big, right?!

wedding blowout   wedding blowout

Soft Blowout

If you’re searching for something that doesn’t involve curls, try a blowout! Contrary to belief, a blowout doesn’t have to mean pin strait hair. It basically means the stylist is drying the hair in its desired position. So if you’re looking for some volume with a little flair, you can achieve it using this technic!

Baby’s Breath

There are a million different accessories you can add in your hair, but baby’s breath has been a big hit recently. Its soft enough for the more formal weddings, but adds just enough texture and dimension for vintage styles as well!

wedding updo  wedding updo

Chic Pull-back

This is a classic bridal look! In the 2000’s we saw a lot of tight updos as a bridal hairstyles, but now the trend is to lower the height of the updo. Keeping everything in place and out of your face is an easy style to pop on a veil with!

Pin Up

For my brides who love a retro vibe, this is for you! You can incorporate this style in an updo, half up, or letting your curls run free!

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