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February 6, 2018

Last Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts For Everyone in your Life

valentines day gifts

Valentine’s Day is creeping up and the pressure to find the perfect gift is real! We compiled a list of last minute ideas for a variety of people in your life. These DIYs are sure to win the hearts of anyone in your life, new or old!

Baked Goods


Everyone loves a sweet treat for such a sweet holiday! You can go with any heart shaped treat you love, or play long with the pink, white and red color theme of Valentine’s Day. Either way, I’m sure whoever you choose to give these to will feel appreciated!

‘I Love You Because’ Frame

An I love you because frame to such a simple idea, that you can keep all year around! All you do is make a print that says “I love you because…” and put that print in a frame you’re done! You’ll be able to write on the glass of the frame with dry erase markers each week, or however often you’d like!

Bath Bombs

valentines day bath bombs  valentines day bath bombs

I don’t go to Lush very often but when I do, theres a strong chance I walked out with at least 2 bath bombs! However I recently discovered you can replicate a bath bombs fairly easy at home! You’ll need to go to your local Joann’s and/or grocery store to get the ingredients, but generally its pretty painless! Check out this great article that has 19 bath bombs you can try out for yourself!

Love Notes

Love letters are by no means a new concept, but its a classic that’s worth a mention. It’s easy to get caught up in all the new technology, and the idea of trying to out due yourself when you are gift giving. But the true meaning on Valentine’s Day is to share the love we have for one another. Sitting down to write how you feel about another person (whether if be a boyfriend, girlfriend, parent, or friend) can hold sentiment that people hold onto for years.

Deck Of Love

52 things i love about you

This is a fun twist on the previous love notes suggestion. You’ll need a deck of cards, a whole punch, and metal rings to keep them together. Each card you’re going to write one thing you love about the other person, until you’ve written on all the cards! Punch holes in the cards and bound them all together with the metal rings, and you’re done!

Kiss Art

This is a really simple idea, but it almost always comes out looking better than expected! Take a piece of piece of paper, and kiss it while wearing different colors of lipstick. Between the different shades, textures and vibrancy, you can create something really cool! Get a frame to complete a look, and you’ve got yourself a new piece of art in about 15 minutes!

Homemade Wine Label

If you’re into graphic design, this is a perfect idea for you! Grab a bottle (or two) of your persons favorite wine and make a custom wine label! You can include a photo of you two, include puns, or just use text to commemorate the date for a keepsake. Print it and tape it over the the original label! Quick and easy!

Lip Scrub

diy lip scrub

Chapped lips and Valentine’s Day don’t really go together, so try out this super easy lip scrub recipe! All you need is one tub of your favorite lip balm, 2 teaspoons of regular white sugar, and 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Mix it all in a bowl until the oil has smoothed out. Rub it over your lips, and rinse with water when you’re done. A great gift for your friends and family as well!


This is a no effort gift, but only meant for those that mean the world to you! Grab a card and write down any passwords to any of your streaming subscriptions (i.e Netflix, Hulu, HBO Go, etc). These passwords will unlock a whole new world of entertainment for the ones you love!

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