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July 12, 2018

5 Ideas For A Laid Back Bachelorette Party

bachelorette table bachelorette party

Every bride-to-be is different! Some are introverts, others are extroverts. Some enjoy a wild night on the town, while others prefer a calm night in. This is why not all bachelorette parties should be created equally! So if you’re not into a crazy weekend in Vegas, we’ve got you covered!


If you still want to head out of town for the weekend, hit the road to the nearest beach town! Spend a few days relaxing in the sand and sun. Most beach towns have traditional tourist activities, and theres always a bar or two around for a few drinks. If you don’t live near a beach, consider getting a suite in a hotel! So even if you can’t be near an ocean, you can still lounge around at the pool.

Spa Day

Between planning a wedding, work, trying to have a social life, or anything else you may have going on, chances are you might be a little stressed! Use this time dedicated for you and your friends, and spend it at a spa! Get a couple matching robes or slippers for your girls, grab a bottle of champagne, and unwind. If you’re feeling extra fancy, look into spa retreats around the country that are made especially for bachelorette parties.

glamping  glamping


Okay, I have a confession… I hate the word glamping. But take it for what it is, glam camping! If you’re really looking to get out of your everyday funk, this is a great option. Combine the love of the outdoors with more comfort than traditional camping. Think a cute, rustic hut with a real bed and running water, but in the middle of the mountains or desert. You can totally DIY a glam campsite, or seek out one of the many locations that already exist!

Classic sleepover

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to make for a great bachelorette party! Bring back a bit of nostalgia with an old school sleepover! Bring your pjs, pillows and popcorn to one of the bridesmaids homes, and set up for a great night. Make a sangria, pull out the old karaoke machine, and pamper each other with homemade face masks. Your bride will love the quality time with her friends!

wine and paint party

Paint party

If you’re bride is more in touch with her creative side, take the party to a wine and paint night! These types of companies can be found at your local mall, or you can usually find a Groupon near by as well. However if you can’t find one near by, set up shop at your place! Everything you need can be found at a local craft store (canvas, paint, brushes, etc).

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