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April 11, 2019

What Our Couples Wish They Knew Before They Got Married

I was the first friend in my group to get married, so I didn’t have anyone to bounce ideas off of or ask for advice who had actually been there. Yes, I could have ask my mom but she got married 100 years ago and times have changed – just kidding, Mom 🙂 hi! I know it hasn’t been quite that long…

Anyways, I asked former #UFcouples what they wish they had known before they got married and put the most common answers on a list for you. Sometimes you just need to hear from someone who has been there before, ya know?

Here’s what they said:

“Not taking into consideration the taxes, fees and tips that are in addition to the quoted costs.”

Ali told us that if she would have considered these things more carefully, she wouldn’t of gone over her budget for the wedding reception. We put together a vendor-tipping guide for you that would be useful when dealing with your wedding budget. It is important to ask your vendors before you book about any hidden fees and what the taxes will cost. For example, if someone who lives out of state were ordering custom wedding invitations with us, they wouldn’t have to pay sales tax. However, if they reside in Ohio and are having their order shipped to Ohio, they are required by law to pay sales tax. It’s better to just ask about these things up front.

wedding tips from real brides

“I wish I would’ve had a double shooter for my wedding and I would advise brides to have a video of their wedding.”

Evelyn hit the nail on the head with this one. If you can find it in your budget, this is where I would spend the extra money. Your photos and wedding video tell two different stories. Your wedding photos are the wedding day from your point of view, and having a second shooter allows for more photos, and two different angles. Most of the time second shooters aren’t much more to add on, and they could prevent you from hating your wedding photos.

A videographer is definitely an add on that some couples don’t feel like they need, and if this is you – don’t hire one. However, I think a wedding videographer is so special. Are you going to watch your wedding video 100 times? Maybe. I personally have only watched ours about 5 times – but we’ve only been married 2.5 years. With that being said, it’s irreplaceable to me. It’s visual and audio. You aren’t able to be everywhere on your wedding day, but your videographer is able to get things on film that you wouldn’t of known they even happened. Videos really show the emotions throughout the day unlike photos or your memories can.

what real brides wish they knew before planning their wedding

“I would say that is important to spend money on having a planner or a coordinator…”

Jamie told us that she relied on herself to handle all the things that pop up the day of and she wishes she had hired someone to take care of issues that come up so the day would’ve turned out as perfect as she imagined. This alleviates the idea of putting pressure and stress on a family member and they are able to enjoy your big day too!

I wrote an entire post about how my wedding day was different than I imagined and this was one of my main points. I didn’t hire someone for the day of so my mom, stepdad and brother spent nearly the entire day (as well as some of the bridal party + my husband’s friends) setting the whole thing up. Looking back, I 100% would have rather had everyone relaxing and enjoying their time leading up to our ceremony. The people that ended up doing the work were the people I cared about the most. That’s not how they should’ve spent my wedding day. So, this is another thing I 100% cosign on as a former bride myself.

Those were answers we got 0ver 10x from different couples.

what i wish I knew before I got married

We had a bunch of different responses from our past couples when we asked them what they with they knew before planning their wedding, but these were hands down the most repeated answers. People also mentioned: bringing boxes for leftovers & for the cake, having a seating chart to avoid unnecessary chaos and frustration from their guests, using a registry to receive more gifts they actually needed from guests and multiple couples mentioned that they never realized how involved other people get in your wedding. They wish they would’ve set clear boundaries from the beginning and not allowed other people to influence their decisions.

Photos by Stephanie Brazzle

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