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September 9, 2019

Kim and Bracken Tie the Knot with a Burgundy & Gold Black-Tie Affair

Your Name, Age, Job & Where You’re From:

Kim Fields, 30, Director of Edify Learning, Lombard, IL

Your Spouse’s Name, Age, Job & Where They’re From:

Bracken Fields, 32, Chief Technology Officer of Edify Labs Inc, Lapel, IN

How You Two Met:

We like to say that we “ordered each other”. That’s our famous tag line when people ask us how we met. I was a new teacher and Bracken was running a tech start up, so our work lives made finding the love of your lives very difficult. So, we both filled out an online profile and let the internet algorithm wizards find us a match. Bracken sent me a poke, and I sent him a wink, and we started messaging each other online. We discovered that we both loved wine, so Bracken CALLED me to set up a first date at Cooper’s Hawk Winery and Restaurant. In a world of texting addicts, he had me at his first call.

What was your first impression of each other?

Kim’s Impression of Bracken: “Wow, he’s a hunk! Just look at those insanely long eyelashes!” I arrived to the restaurant a few minutes after Bracken, which gave him just enough time to order a glass of wine to taste. So, when I arrived, he had turned around with a glass of wine, and I just instantly melted once I took in his dark, eyes, thick eyelashes, and his dapper three-piece work suite. I thought to myself, “Yep, I now have a zillion little butterflies darting around in my belly.”

Bracken’s Impression of Kim: As soon as I saw her walk into the restaurant where we met, I knew I was woefully unprepared. Immediately, I could tell she was going to have a light and fun personality. I had just left a tough meeting and was not in the right headspace. With one smile and a hug, I felt significantly calmer and at ease. That feeling as never changed: I don’t have to be prepared, I just need to be me.

How did you know you were in love?

Bracken says he knew the moment he saw me that he was in love. When asking one of his best friends, Blake, this question, Blake said that he remembers Bracken telling him within the first week of us meeting that he will marry me one day. For me, I knew I loved him within the first two weeks, too. We had gone to a food and wine fest in Indy with some friends and family in the middle of August, and the heat of the event wore me out!

When we went back to my apartment to relax, I fell asleep on his shoulder. When I wake up, he was gazing at me and smiling, which had a hint of humor but lots of warmth; yet, I then realized that I had just drooled all over him, like a large pool of goopy slime on his shirt, during my deep nap. I was SO embarrassed! He laughed from my reaction. We then both laughed because the situation was so funny.

I knew I loved him then because I was able to feel so relaxed and completely myself around him. I also knew I would probably drool on him during naps for the rest of our lives, and he was going to be totally okay with it.

How did the proposal happen?

This is quite a story. Bracken loves telling it. To best understand the situation, though, I need to add a little backstory here. I’m the planner in our relationship, so I told Bracken that this is one event I want done as a complete surprise to me. I told him I don’t have a preference on location, on whether people are around, etc. I just wanted to be totally, and completely shocked. We had been together for about 5 years at that point, so I thought I would be able to smell the ring when it was close. So, I really wanted to challenge him to create a moment where I had no idea it was coming.

He succeeded! He proposed while we were vacationing with some friends for the New Year on Ana Marie Island. As I was looking out at the ocean with our friends, he was standing behind me. Within a few minutes he knelt down, and called me name and proposed. I turned, dropped a very “unlady-like-word”, and backed away from him as I screamed my head off. Then, I was stunned to silence for about 20 seconds, starring at the gorgeous ring of course, and then I said “yes!” I was totally surprised because I had zero inklings that he had bought the ring, carried it on the plane, and was now proposing.

What was the style of your wedding?

I’m not sure if this is a style, but I explained it to people as an “Evening, Victorian Garden Party”

What were your colors? What did the bridal party wear?

The main colors were burgundy and navy with rose gold, gold and blush accents. I also wanted to have lots of greenery. The bridesmaids wore long, romantic burgundy dresses, while the groomsman wore an English look. They had gray jackets with a navy vest and navy pants. They had floral ties and a gold tie bar.

Did you have any unique features in the decor?

Yes, unique to us was the main focus of the entire event, so there are several things I can list here. We had branded cocktail napkins, a branded gobo light for the dance floor, and each place card was a laser cut butterfly that had each person’s name on the card. Everyone talked about the butterflies–even one of my young cousins saved his!

Another environmental touch that we enjoyed was adding gold flakes to the champagne that guests received at the door. Lastly, we had the table numbers leaning against wine bottles that we collected over the years from important moments during our relationship.

What was your favorite part of the wedding to plan?

The stationery! This was truly my favorite part because I love visual design, and the paper is what brings the whole event together. We wanted unique, romantic designs that aligned with the brand of the event, and Jordin made the process so fun and easy. I loved every part of it!

Outside of that, we enjoyed planning the Town Crier surprise for our guests. As guests entered the cocktail hour, we had a Town Crier announce the guests aloud to the room as they entered. It was just so fun and different! It’s been really fun hearing people tell us about “their entrance”. Also, the Town Crier then read from a scroll that announced Bracken and I as we entered the reception.

If you had to pick a favorite moment of the day what would it be?

This is so incredibly tough. The whole day was so perfect with so many special touches. I like to share them based on moments with people.

With my parents, my first look with my dad before the wedding. I will never forget it.

With Bracken’s family, the cheers of champagne with his mom and sister! This was right after we were all “dolled up” and about to start the day. It was a nice moment of calm mixed with excitement.

With the bridesmaids, sunrise yoga on my neighbor’s deck. It was a peaceful way to start the day and we had a couple cardinals visit us during this time, which was special for remembering our loved ones.

With the wedding guests, rolling on the dance floor to Proud Marry!

When with Bracken, outside of exchanging our vows and having communion together during the ceremony, which was so special and meaningful, a really fun moment was standing together and listening to the guests crack up as the Town Crier read the scroll that Bracken and I wrote together to announce us into the reception as husband and wife.

With Kim, at the very end of the night we received a blessing from My Yellow Rickshaw (The Band) to close the entire wedding night. Kim was sitting on my lap, we all had our heads’ bowed, and Nathan delivered a really sweet, individualized blessing for our marriage. It was really special and a moment of calm to relax and take it all in.

Did you do a first look? Why/why not? Are you happy about that decision?

Yes, we decided to do a first look. The guest experience was very important to us, so all of our decisions focused around making sure the event was constantly moving and timed well. Yet we also wanted to ensure we had private time together. So, we were very happy for the first look because it achieved both goals: timing of the event was great for guests and we were able to enjoy that time with them, and we had minutes together to just focus on us. I feel like this is caught on camera, too.

Ceremony & Reception Venues: Indianapolis Scottish Rite Cathedral
Stationery: Unica Forma
Photographer: Ian Borgerhoff
Consultant: All in the Details Indy
Florist: The Empty Vase Indianapolis
Gown: Marie Gabriel Couture
Hair: My aunt, and godmother, worked on my hair 🙂 then, the Refeyance team worked on the moms and bridesmaids
Makeup: Refeyance
Veil: My Mom! She made it herself 🙂

Engagement & Wedding Rings: Reis-Nichols Indianapolis
Jewelry: Kate Spade Bracelet from Macy’s
Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella Bridesmaids
Menswear: The Black Tux
Rentals: We had a few vendors here, so see the notes section.
Catering: Kahn’s Catering
Desserts: Confectioneiress Cupcakes & Sweets
Music/DJ: My Yellow Rickshaw
Guest Count: 205

Anything else you want to share?

Town Crier: ComedySportz Indianapolis, https://cszindianapolis.com/
Orchestra Ensemble (pre and post cocktails): The DEOC Ensemble, https://thedeocensemble.com/
Harpist: Mystical Harp, https://www.facebook.com/MysticalHarp/
Calligraphy and Live Artist Painting: Laura Reilly, https://www.laurareillycalligraphy.com/
Bracken’s Tux, Master Tailor Mr. Lee, http://www.mastertailor.com/
Pen for Signing Marriage License Neil Hoerstman Design, https://www.etsy.com/shop/HoerstmanDesignShop
Vocalist, Rusty Shields,
Butterfly Place Cards, Timeless Paper Etsy
Bridesmaids Hairpins: LeChaim Etsy
Family Hair pins: SERENlTY Etsy
My Hair Pin: apocketofposies Etsy
Ring Pillow: apocketofposies
Cork Guest Books: KnoteWriteDesigns Etsy
Card Box: GreenWood23Gifts
Guy Ties: mrFARNEYatelier Etsy
Guy Pocket Squares: KingandPriory Etsy
Ring Pillow: talkinggloves Etsy

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