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May 7, 2019

How to Tell Guests They are Invited to Only One Part of Your Wedding

Wondering how to only invite guests to either just the reception or just the ceremony? If you need a way to invite guests to one or the other, we have a few ways to go about wording the invitations, as well as some other tips to follow. Weddings are tricky and can get expensive fast especially with long guests lists. Check out these tips and tricks to reduce costs by inviting guests to either the reception or the ceremony.

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Ceremony Only Invitation Tips

In order to politely invite guests to just the ceremony, you must put the proper wording on the ceremony invitation. Along with this idea, if you are planning to invite guests to one or the other, you must print separate invitations; one for the ceremony, and one for the reception. Now to make sure people understand you are inviting them to the ceremony specifically, you have a few options on how to kindly word it.

One option would be to have the invite say, “We are overjoyed to include you in our marriage ceremony and are thrilled that you can share in our joy. Due to budget and limited venue accommodations, we are unable to host all guests at the small reception that is planned. Thank you for be a part of our special day.”

Another option would be to simply say, “You are invited to attend our wedding ceremony on (date of wedding) at (time/date).” Sometimes people would rather invite more people to their reception, while keeping their actual wedding ceremony smaller. This could be due to a small venue or just to keep the cost down by downsizing the venue.

Reception Only Invitation Tips

In order to effectively invite guests to the reception only without hurting their feelings, consider these examples on how to word the reception invitation. First you can say, “(Bride Name) and (Groom’s Name) will be married in a small ceremony on (Date of wedding). Please join us in celebration at their wedding reception (Date of Wedding) At (Time) in the (Time of Day) at (Location).”

Another way to word it is by saying, ” We’re married! Please join (BRIDE) and (GROOM) for cocktails, dinner and dancing. And help us celebrate the happy occasion! On (Date) At (Location).”

You can also say, ” Together with their parents (Bride) and (Groom) invite you to celebrate their union at a wedding reception following the ceremony. Join us for hors d’oeuvres, drinks, dessert and dancing at (Location) at (Time) on (Date).” Again, be sure to print both a ceremony only invite, and a reception only invite. Another way to save money would be to make the reception invitation the main invite, and print an additional insert with the ceremony details to include in the envelopes of guests attending both the ceremony and the reception.

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Stick to what YOU want

Do not worry about other peoples response. In the end, guests who want to be at your special day will be there no matter which parts they are invited to. Make sure to not let this small detail stress you out and be sure to enjoy planning your big day. If you are only inviting guests to the reception just be sure to convey how excited you are to party with them at the reception! If you are only inviting guests to the ceremony, make sure to convey to them how special the day is going to be. Most importantly… HAVE FUN! It’s your day, you can design it anyway you would like. It will only happen once and these memories will last a lifetime.

Tips to Tell Guests They are Invited to Only One Part of Your Wedding

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