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Invitation Reveal

December 10, 2017

Invitation Reveal: Rustic Monogram

Rustic Monogram Wedding Invitation

Custom Wedding Invitation Reveal:

Rustic Monogram

The couple

Kelley and Brandon came to Unica Forma for their wedding suite 12 months before their actual wedding. Kelley was born in the US and moved to London for school. She is a small town girl who was raised on a farm (Cue the rustic theme for their wedding). She moved to London to get a “change” and oh my, did she get one! After living in London for a month she met Brandon at a bookstore and he immediately swept her off her feet. They started dating a week after meeting and have been inseparable ever since. But that isn’t all! He proposed to her at her home. The rustic barn she spent so many years in as a kid had a completely new memory embedded into it that evening and she couldn’t of thought of anything more perfect.

Brandon grew up in the UK and had never been to the states before meeting Kelley. He grew up on 12 acres, so the farm/rustic/country thing wasn’t too foreign for him. Brandon told us he knew the first time he went back home with Kelley to Louisiana he was going to propose their one day. Something about the rustic charm in the barn Kelley grew up in ‘felt right’. One year later they returned over the holidays and he proposed!

Custom Rustic Monogram

Custom Rustic Monogram

The Mood Board

Slate Grey Wedding

The mood board always helps us align the vision between Unica and the clients. After our clients fill out the questionnaire, we give them a proposal with a custom mood board. It is our opportunity to take what the client has described as their wedding style along with our vision for the invitation suite and put it all together! Kelley described the wedding as “rustic chic” and “pretty rustic” and noted that there would be absolutely no burlap. We were able to use her colors and design a custom monogram for her and Brandon that was both elegant and rustic.

Custom Rustic Monogram

Rustic Monogram Wedding Invitation

The Invitation

Once we get through the design elements and ideas on the mood board, we get to start designing the actual invitation! Kelley wanted a formal typeset and nothing too whimsical. They went with flat printing throughout the entire suite and added envelope addressing + a custom map. Everything came together so nicely and I absolutely adore this suite and couple!

If you are interested in working with us on your wedding invitations, head over to our contact page and fill out the questionnaire! If you don’t hear from us within 48 hours be sure to check your spam folder!

Rustic Monogram Wedding Invitation

Rustic Monogram Wedding Invitation

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