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Invitation Reveal

December 17, 2017

Invitation Reveal: Oil Painted Vellum

Vellum Wedding Invitations by Unica Forma

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has a good weekend and has a little bit of time today to regroup and prep for the week ahead! This week’s invitation reveal involved something new: vellum. This is our first couple using vellum and we are in LOVE! The vellum was so pretty, we even decided to use it on the envelope liners for Elena and Jackson!

The Couple

Elena and Jackson met at The University of South Carolina in one of their business classes. According to Jackson, Elena was a “real show stopper” and all of his buddies encouraged him to ask her out ALL year long. It wasn’t until the day before spring break that he finally asked Elena on a date. Once the two were back from break, their relationship began! They dated for 6 years before Jackson popped the questions! In those six years the couple has traveled to Europe, Thailand, India, Iceland, Canada AND Patagonia. After their trip to Patagonia in January of 2017, they got a puppy, Max. Jackson claims that Max made them settle down and it was the perfect timing to finally propose.

Elena explains the proposal as “He brought me back to the beach where we had our very first date and said, “this place is already special to us, and I’d like it to be even more so.” Then he kneeled down and proposed! It was also one of the coldest days in winter and we were freezing– but it was such a special moment I wouldn’t have it any other way!”

Custom Wedding Stationery  Vellum Wedding Invite

The Mood Board

Elena and I spoke on the phone for about 30 minutes before I began putting together her mood board. She wanted something light, airy and unique. She wasn’t sure what colors her bridesmaids were going to be wearing yet, and wanted Unica’s help with the whole design aesthetic for their wedding. (She’s a super professional business woman living a fast paced life in NYC now and didn’t have the time to deal with the details). Dusty Road Mood BoardShe showed me photos of her home and from Jackson & her vacations and I was able to get a sense of their style very quickly. Very pretty, and very airy. The mood board for her was a little less wedding based, and more of a sense to show her style. I think this helped curate her design perfectly on the invitations. They are less “wedding-y” and more suited for Jackson and Elena.

Custom Vellum Wedding Invitations with Oil Painted Floral Designs by Unica Forma

Custom Vellum Wedding Invitations with Oil Painted Floral Designs by Unica Forma Custom Wax Seal

The Invitation

Once Elena and I finished talking about her vision, I got to to work. I played around with a few different floral designs, but kept coming back to the oil painted ones that made the final cut. I mentioned the vellum envelope liners earlier, but those were probably the biggest ‘decision’ for this entire suite. Elena, Jackson and I went back and forth on doing them on our regular liner paper vs. the vellum but I am so happy we went with the vellum liners! They make everything that much more unique!

We did a wax seal for the couple that really tied everything together. It made the vellum ‘pop’ and instantly made everything feel more classy. When in doubt; DO A WAX SEAL. That’s just my opinion, but I absolutely love them.

DIY Bride Custom Vellum Wedding Invitations Unica Forma

If you’re looking for more invitation reveals be sure to check out the features below. Our design calendar fills up about 3 months out, so be sure to inquire early on! I look forward to working with you!

Enjoy the rest of your (hopefully) lazy Sunday!


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