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Invitation Reveal

April 8, 2018

Invitation Reveal: Ivory and Floral Invitations in Burgundy Pocket Folds

Navy and Burgundy Wedding invitations with pocket fold

The couple:

Danielle and David first met when they were freshmen at Carlsbad High School. David brought Danielle candy for valentine’s day and asked her out shortly after. Their relationship mainly consisted of seeing each other at lunch and holding hands between classes. One day at lunch David broke up with Danielle, sending her to English class devastated. A few weeks after, broken-hearted Danielle was diagnosed with strep and mono, neither of which David had to endure. Danielle discontinued her freshman year in April and enrolled in home-hospital for the duration of the year….

Five years later, David worked with one of Danielle’s close friends who was having a work party. Upon attending, the two re-kindled their freshman year crush and began casually seeing one another. After a few months, in December 2010 David asked Danielle to be his girlfriend and they have been “Facebook official” since!

After attending different undergraduate institutions, David and Danielle graduated with the hopes of attending graduate school out of state. They both applied to schools all over the country, but hoped to end up in Chicago since they both had connections to the midwest.

Fast forward three more years, David completed his masters and Danielle is finishing the last year of her doctorate program. Over the past 7 years they have shared countless adventures together and look forward to creating even more memories as husband and wife.

Ivory wedding invitations Ivory wedding invitations

The invitation:

Danielle came to us with some pictures she found on Pinterest that had a very similar feel, all sporting her burgundy and navy wedding colors. We mashed the flowers from our very popular burgundy circle design, and draped them off center, in the corner of the main invitation. Danielle also opted for a ivory invitation which I think adds a bit of elegance to the traditional white invitation. We did a beautiful script font to keep with the formality of the event. But the finishing touch is gluing the invitation into a burgundy pocket! We think it brings the entire invitation suite to the next level!

Burgundy pocket fold Calligraphy wedding invitations

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