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August 14, 2018

How to Include Your Kids In Your Wedding

Finding ways to navigate a new step parent situation it tough. But as a parent you want to make sure your children feel included in this new situation. So we’ve got a few tips to keep your kids involved on your big day!

Include them in your planning

Getting your kids excited about the wedding from the start is key! The more they feel included, the more excited theyHow to include your kids in your wedding will be for the wedding to come around. Ask their opinion on smaller decisions, take them to cake tasting, let them pick out their own dress/tux. Making them feel heard and important will always put a smile on their faces!

Start the lead

Its typical to be put a child in the flower girl or ring bearer position in a wedding. But if you have an older kids, that might not be the right fit. Consider letting them go down the aisle first and lead the procession. You can make cute signs too! Or if thats not quote your style, add your kids to your wedding party! They can’t be much more involved than that!

Add them to your vows

This can go a few different ways. Some couples like to have their children stand with them as they read their vows. While others like to include their children in the vows themselves. You could also write vows to your children and read them as apart of the ceremony. Either way you go with this, its such to bring a few tears!!


Plan special pictures

Of course you’ll get photos with your kids on this special day! But ask them if they want to do something a little special! Plan some special poses, bring a couple props and ask them what ideas they have. Again it’ll make the feel important.

Put them on the cake

Traditionally a cake topper is just the bride and groom. But a wedding is about bring families together, so why add the kids too! You can find separate figurines of children to add, or by ones that are all together. They are a little harder to find at a local bakery than traditional ones, but they are sure to win over the little ones!

Add them in the dance

Have your kids cut in in the middle of your first dance, or plan a separate dance as a new family. Some families like to make a whole dance routine to perform together that can be super fun! Or if you have a daughter, have a second father daughter dance in addition to the bride and her father. Theres a lot of different options you can do with this one, you just have to get creative!

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