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August 30, 2018

How To Attract Your Ideal Client

Everyone wants to work with the “Ideal Client”, but do you know the profile of your “Ideal Client” or how to find the “Ideal Client”. You just want “Any Client” who wants your product and is willing to pay, right? WRONG! If you’re talking to anyone, you’re pretty much talking to no one. You’re creating content, but are you creating a commodity with value or a market. You need to know your “Ideal Client” so your marketing efforts are laser focused. Once you profile the “Ideal Client”, marketing strategies and branding can be tailored to attract the “Ideal Client” and clinch the sell.

So STOP! Stop spending all of your time building your website, setting up your offers and writing product details. You need to define the “Ideal Client”. Below are the steps to help you through the identification process.

Small Business Front

First things first, set goals for your business, and define what it is you want to do with your business

Before you can define your “Ideal Client”, decide the product or service you are offering. Be specific and limit your product offering. Like Chefs, Surgeons, and Pilots you are an expert, a specialist; people love to work with an expert. Be an expert. If you offer everything, it strains credulity, prospects lose confidence, and you lose the sell.

So now passion collides with the practical. You’re going to do this every day so you need to love it, but you need to eat too. Now it is time to decide what YOU want to do and determine if that “Want” will make money. Which channels provide the most profit? What is your ideal project? Once you have done that you need to decide answer the question; “What problem are you solving with your business?” This is the key when identifying your ideal client.

small business stock photo

Identify Your Ideal Client

Do you remember using Venn diagrams in school? They are the two circles next to each other, overlapping in the middle. I have the perfect set up to help you create one to find your ideal client.

On the left you have your demographics: age, sex, location, occupation & status. On the right side you have your personality topics: values, opinions, attitudes, interests & lifestyle. In the middle is where your personality traits and demographics intertwine. This is your “Ideal Client”. Now learn everything about them. It is called Market Research. Find out where your clients like to shop, dissect that business. Sign up for their newsletters, comb through their website and products. Scrutinize every aspect; find out what attracts them to the store. Ask your “Ideal Clients” what their hobbies are, what keeps them up at night, what’s important to them. Find out who they are.

I created a questionnaire and sent it to 7 previous clients that I felt represented my “Ideal Clients”. The cream of the crop. My favorite people that I’ve ever worked with. I used the results of the questionnaire to narrow the profile of my “Ideal Client”. I also suggest doing interviews with these past clients; obtain permission to record. You need to use their verbiage to articulate their experience for use on your website. You need real world responses in the vernacular of the clients for your social media posts. Your clients do not care about industry jargon. Speak their language.

client stock photo

Build Your Brand + Optimize Your Website

Now that you have identified your “Ideal Client”; all of your platforms should speak directly to them. Your website is the biggest megaphone you have to attract new clients; this is your storefront, display your wares, your values, vision & personality. People want to have authentic experiences even in cyberspace so build trust with your clients before they even contact you by being real and relatable.


Call to Action

You’ve identified your “Ideal Client”, and they are interested, so don’t lose them! I visit so many sites and read so many blog posts that don’t have a clear call to action. A click on your website is a sales call and great sales people are always closing deals. Design you website to drive the client to make a decision. Don’t leave the next step up to your potential client; make sure you have a call to action. Everything you publish should have some sort of call to action!

“Like what you see? Let’s work together?”
“Are you interested in working with me? Here are the next steps!”

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