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August 27, 2019

I Broke Up With Instagram

If you follow along with Unica on Instagram you have probably noticed a DRASTIC difference in my activity. You used to find me on IG stories every single day, sharing blog posts, behind the scenes and new suites; but for the last 5 months the IG world has only gotten action from me about 5 times total.

While I didn’t think it would go as noticed or that people would care if I lowered my Instagram usage, I have been getting messages and even calls from my friends and family making sure everything is okay, so I figured an explanation was due.

Why Instagram and I Went On a Break

My initial break from Instagram wasn’t intentional. It happened when I was busy with my best friend’s wedding and then my husband was on summer break within a week and a half after that. I spent more time with him this summer than any before because I decided that the social media portion of my business wasn’t as important. I was still working on client projects throughout the day, but instead of the extra 1-3 hours I would spend on IG, or planning my content for my blog, I watched Netflix with my husband. That was just the beginning 🙂

But What About Your Business?

I figured I would miss Instagram, but I didn’t. I still don’t. Unofficially leaving Instagram has changed my life, without hurting my business too much.

Here’s the deal: I get 94% of my leads from Pinterest. I spent most of 2018 trying to get my Instagram to a point where it would generate income, and I spent hours; not to mention a lot of money on educational courses and programs to help schedule my content. It helped. It really did, but not enough. I got to the point where I felt like Instagram was a whole extra job because it was. I would spend hours scrolling through my feed and fast-clicking through IG stories that didn’t interest me and I was wasting so much time.

While I enjoy engaging with other people in the industry and past/current/future clients, I started shifting my priorities around in May and Instagram was one of the first things to go. Yes, I’ve lost followers. A lot, really – over 1,000. I am posting, at best, once every couple of weeks and I am spending close to 10 minutes a WEEK on Instagram. I have ZERO blog posts scheduled and not a single thing in mind to share on Instagram, and as much as I feel like I should care – I don’t.

What’s So Great About Life without Instagram?

Being off Instagram has had so many positives in other aspects in my life, that I don’t find it appealing to come back full throttle. (I am making an attempt to be a *little* more present than I have been over the last several months, just with set boundaries).

  • I started working out. 5x a week. For 5 months straight now. I haven’t been that committed since college.
  • Using Instagram less has allowed me to be more intentional with my time and in turn, I have grown closer to my husband. I am able to show up for him in ways I wasn’t even aware I was missing before.
  • I started another business. Rosch’s Room on Etsy is a fully digital online store where people can download, edit and print wall art, classroom décor, bridal shower games and more right at home. This passive income funnel gives me the freedom to create what I want, when I want and has already been a breath of fresh air.
  • I stopped caring about what I look like to the online world. Like I mentioned earlier, I would spend hours a day trying to curate the perfect feed, or comparing myself to other stationers. Now I just feel comfortable with what I am doing AND I gained hours back in my day.

Could some, if not all, of these things happened while keeping up with Unica’s Instagram? Probably. All I know for sure is that I have never been more confident in this business, my path for my future, my body or my mindset in my entire life.

So, Are You Gone Forever?

Will my Unica IG make a comeback? Who knows? Maybe if my business starts suffering from it. For now I am going to continue the path I am on. I will check in whenever I feel like I should and keep on keepin’ on.

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