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June 14, 2018

How To Make Your Invitation Suite Look Luxe

Deep Black and Blush Wedding Invitations

Choosing wedding stationery is an important step in your wedding plans. Why you ask? Because any stationery you send out with be the first glimpse your guests will get of your upcoming wedding! We all know how it feels to get something you’ve been looking forward to in the mail. Your friends and family will feel the same. So give them something to talk about starting with an stunning invitation suite!

Invitation Suite Style

Taupe Wedding Invitation

First step in creating an invitation suite is to get a style that will represent you as a couple. This should also reflect the overall theme or setting of your wedding. Are you interested in a rustic style, or something modern? Do you prefer a minimalistic theme, or going for a glamorous look? These are a few basic questions you’ll need to decide first in nailing down the perfect style! Check out our post on how to determine the perfect stationery style for yourself!

Paper Type

The next step, to creating a luxurious suite starts with paper. There are all kinds of different paper types and thickness that can enhance your invitations. Going with a thicker, paper type is a sure fire way to make the whole suite feel expensive. Double-ply is my personal favorite! Paper type is a little harder to choose because it can depend on what type of print type you choose. With that being said you can choose anything from the typical cardstock, to anything like recycled paper, cotton, or deckled edge!

Print Style

Classic letterpress invitations  Thermography wedding invitations

Speaking of print style, thats your next stop on the luxe list! Specialty printing will be one of the two most noticeable way to enhance the look of your invitation suite. Letterpress is a less flashy way to impress your guests, but boy does it look incredibly elegant! Thermography will give your invitations a little pizazz and texture as the font will be raised on the paper. And then foiling, which tends to be a crowd favorite! Its shiny and metallic that looks amazing if you have any gold or silver accents in your wedding theme!

Add Ons

Vellum Wedding Invitations by Unica Forma

The last step, is most exciting! This is where all the add ons come into play! Adding a mounted backer to an invitation is a nice way to add a pop of color, and to increase the thickness without paying the double-ply prices! You can also add a glitter element in the backers as well!

If adding mounted baker isn’t quite enough for you, your next step up would be to add a pocket element. Pockets are a great way to add a little substance and wow factor to what otherwise could be a very simple invitation. In addition, if you have multiple insert cards with information for guests, a pocket will provide you a neat place to present those to your guests as well!

The invitation itself isn’t the only thing that can be upgraded, envelopes can too! Envelope liners are underrated but are such a simple and cost effective way to improve invitation suite! On the inside flap of the envelope it can be lined with a cohesive design from your invitation suite, a texture, or anything you’d like to pull everything together! Another idea is to get your address printed on the envelopes. So not only will this save you time when it comes to mail everything out, it looks much more put together versus handwritten!

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