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April 17, 2018

How He Asked


How Charlie & I Met

Charlie and I met at the University of Cincinnati in our cohort. We were both studying to get our degrees in Middle Childhood Education. I was getting my Bachelors, he was getting his Masters, so we only had my final two years of school together. I didn’t really think much of him, other than the fact that “this guy talks a lot“. Seriously, he was always the one answering questions and engaging in the classwork. I was the opposite :).

He started making fun of me one day, and I bit back. Or maybe it was the other way around, I don’t remember. But he was really good at making fun of me (which was my thing). I hadn’t ever met someone who was so quick on their feet with comebacks. It was frustrating at first, because I was usually the one with the jokes and now I had competition.

Fast forward about a year, this kept up, but was nothing serious. We started hanging out outside of class because “he wanted to see my puppy”, or “help me with math”. AKA he was already obsessed with me ;). It didn’t take long before I was suckered in and way too emotional over him. We started *officially* dating shortly after.

How Charlie Asked

knew Charlie was proposing. I also knew he had the ring. Partly because I’m crazy & because he isn’t very good at being “sneaky”. He was on the phone with the jeweler one day after work and I heard him asking about it, and was talking about picking it up. I didn’t know how/when he was going to do it though.

So one morning in October we were both getting ready for work. (Both teachers at the time). I would leave well before him, and he parked in the garage 99.9% of the time. Well the night before, for whatever reason, he parked in the driveway. So, the morning started with me backing into his car as I was leaving the house (hahaha). I felt terrible and for whatever reason he didn’t get nearly as mad as I thought he would. (It was because he was upstairs watching it all happen in slow motion. He was waiting for me to leave so he could start planning/doing all the work for the proposal).

Anyways, I was driving home from work, opened the door and my best friend from Cincinnati was standing in the kitchen. I think I just yelled WHAT? And I knew exactly what was happening at that moment. He had placed clues with riddles he made up all around the house/city sending me on a scavenger hunt.

He Proposed, I said Yes

Charlie sent me to a bunch of different restaurants that we have certain connections to and I got tasty treats along the way ;). He knows the way to my heart. It ended up in a park we had spent the weekend before at, with my mom step dad and our dog and him proposing with a long love letter. (I always ask him to be sentimental. I think this sufficed).

how he asked

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