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July 31, 2018

Honeymoon Spots For Each Month Of The Year


The first honeymoon destination of the year starts out in the Caribbean! The region in general is a good spot in January because you’ll miss the holiday rush (unless you’re there for New Years Day) and the spring breakers crowd. You can find affordable flights and cruises to countries like The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and the Virgin Islands. Safely outside hurricane season, you can enjoy perfect weather to thaw out from winter, without the scorching heat of summer!


Thailand has become a more trendy vacation and honeymoon spot for the adventurous couples. Much like the perks of January, you find a sweet spot for affordable traveling. Now is the time to take the big trip! Thailand is a notoriously humid place, but this time of year, humidity is at its lowest. So spend your days relaxing on the beach or exploring some of the beautiful iconic temples!


Next on the list: Belize. Nestled in Central America Belize there is so much culture to be experienced! This isn’t a popular spring break hot spot, so the crowds will be a minimum. This also falls right in the middle of their dry season! Visit the ancient Mayan temples, canoe through the river, or take a dip in the ocean to do a little snorkeling.


If you’re up for a unique honeymoon, head to Morocco this month. The country consists of beautiful mountain ranges, a sprawling city life, and gorgeous desert scenery. Listen to the sounds of snake charmers at a the street theater, and then a camel trip through the desert dunes. There are plenty of group tours to guide you around while you drink up everything this place has to offer


Italy. If this country isn’t on your bucket list, let me persuade you. Crystal clear beaches of the Mediterranean Sea to the sprawling hills of Tuscany. There is literally something for everyone. Museums, vineyards, historical architecture, and a never ending string of pasta. You can pick a region to explore or take a train from one end of the country to other for under $50 dollars. No matter where you choose, it will be a trip to remember!


June marks the peak time to travel to Bora Bora. The flight is long, but trust us, its worth it! The islands of French Polynesia are truly a destination for relaxation. Because they are so isolate you can be as active or inactive as you want! Most activities are centered around the shoreline, like whale watching, snorkeling, and jet skiing. Or spend like on an RV tour in the mountains! But theres no doubt you’ll have plenty of quality time as newlyweds.


Straying from a traditional tropical honeymoon, consider traveling to Great Britain this summer! The whether will be warm but mild, and the skies will be free of the typical grey gloom. You can find affordably priced transportation if you want to split your time in multiple countries, and there will be no language barrier worries. Hit the tourist spots in London, or take in the greenery of Scottish countryside. Visit the Queen and her new grandchildren, or head to the Welsh coastline.


Ibiza is well known for its party scene, but most haven’t heard of its sister island, Formentera. Its one of Spains smallest islands, but not far from Ibiza, which makes for an easy ferry ride over. Sunbathing and sailing are the stars of this vacation spot. Enjoy live music in the town square, admire the stone sculptures and drink away your worries.



Catch a plane and fly out to the islands of Hawaii! September is one of the hottest months, perfect to work on your post wedding glow! Crowds should be dying down as summer vacation is over, which opens up the beaches and lowers the expense on your wallet. Rent a jeep to drive up into the lush forests, cliff dive into the Pacific, or visit the Volcano National Park. If you want to slow down and cool off, take a trip to the Pearl Harbor Museum.


The fall is a perfect time to visit Greece! The weather is amazing in the fall, and peak tourist time is over. You’ll get to experience the true form of the island. Stay inland in Athens for a few days to see the massive ancient structures of the Parthenon and the Acropolis. Then take a boat to the blue and white paradise that is Santorini. Absorb the breathtaking views and rich culture the country has to offer.


Mexico gets a bad rap but the people and the culture of the country are one that should be shared. If you want to spend your time on the beach, avoid the ever popular Cancun and head to the next town over, Tulum. Its less crowed, but has just as much to offer. Or experience the city life in Mexico City. Visit the pyramids, Frida Kahlo museum, or the huge Chapultepec park.


December in Argentina is actually summer because they are in the southern hemisphere. The weather is so clear during this time its the best time of the year to see the Patagonia region. Go hiking on a glacier, visit the scenic Igauzu waterfalls, or stay coastal and enjoy the vast city of Buenos Aires.

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